Teach her how to dance
And maybe she'll be less afraid;
Tempt her into such a trance
That she will want to stay.

Teach her how you move
Even when the music stops;
Teach her that you're safe to choose
To never let her drop.

Teach her all your ways,
The ways she's never known;
Teach her about your dark days,
She'll love you even once they're shown.

She doesn't know the art you do,
The art of being bad;
All she knows is she loves you,
Now more than she ever had.

So pull her to the dance floor,
Hold her closely there;
Help her get to know you more,
There's so much to share.

Dance that painful dance with her,
You love her, do not lie;
Let her hear those few sweet words,
So she'll not need, again, to cry.