MxM Slash Rating May Go Up. Maddie just wants to live every second as if it's his last. Harold would prefer never having to see another living soul again. And as they shake each other's preconceived notions of life, their families unite in the hopes of bringing them apart.

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Chapter 1: Blank Stares and Death Ray Glares

I'm not sure why I don't come off as intimidating as I should. I mean, I know I'm not super butch or anything, but I'm not a wilting flower, right?

Yeah, my hair has a neon fuchsia streak right now, but that shouldn't take away that I'm like really scary, si?

... Okay, okay. I'm also pretty short, but so was Napoleon, right? But apparently now I'm also pretty thin and sprightly. I'm not even sure what sprightly means, but I'm kinda sure it involves fairies or something. My roommate got a smack for that one.

Anyways, I promise you I'm incredibly Badass!

And the fact that I realize that I'm incredibly Badass, but that Patient A46 doesn't, is starting to piss me off. I put on my best mean-mugging face as I attempt to force-feed him his drug cocktail, but it seems to have no effect on him.

"Takeit! Takeit! TakeitTakeitTakeit!" I bark, pulling his head back and rubbing the pills against his mouth while dangling helplessly from his shoulders.

I should let you know that Patient A46 is built like a gorilla... and smelly as hell. As the revelation that the puddle I stepped in as I walked into the room probably wasn't composed of mud, I feel bile rise up to my throat.

But that will not deter me! Badasses never give up! Never surrender!

"Nacho, take your pills!" I shout louder, pulling on the monster's hair and smashing the pills onto his mouth harder. "Take them now or I'll call your Grandmother!"

As Nacho's body tenses up in less than a millisecond, I quickly realize that I've probably made the biggest mistake of my life... and that the new meat it Psych Ward is set to arrive any minute. Dammit!

Anyway, back to Hulk or whatever.

So Nacho came to us after social services found him chained up to a bed in his Grandmother's attic, severely used and abuse.

The report I read said he lived in filthy conditions (which surprises me not) and that he was treated as a human punching bag by most of the family. According to the psych people mentioning anything in reference to his past might set him off on a homicidal rampage.

I'm sure everyone agrees that it's only understandable that I feel all the blood rushing out of my face and that I'm sure I tinkled a little into my underoos.

I let out a glorious battle cry as I jump off of Nacho and bolt out the door. And while I realize my battle cry comes off as more of a piercing shriek than a barbarian war call, I get a free pass on the account of the 300 pound mammoth stampeding towards me.

Stuffing my badassness into my back pocket I sprint down the crisp pristine halls of Mercy West's psych ward leaving a trail of Nacho poop kicking my shoes off.

I knock a couple of people over, apologize and continue my escape. After a couple of minutes my feet start to give way, and I know I can't keep this up much longer.

"I don't want to die!" I sob, as I flail my arms around and blindly jump on a random passerby's back.

"-the hell?!" yelps a voice that reminds me of Effie, and before I can explain the situation to this voluptuous woman with boobs as big as Effie's I hear Nacho's stomping getting closer.

"RUN IF YOU VALUE YOUR LIFE, WOMAN!" I scream into the girl's ear, but instead of feeling the rush of the cool air as she carries me to safety I feel the cold hard tile connect roughly with my tailbone.

"Aaaiieee!" I groan, and I feel tears start to form behind my eyes as they dart up to find Effie visibly pissed off and currently shooting her death glare of hate in my direction. Her dark hair falls in disheveld curls around her ivory skin and her eyebrows furry in annoyance.

"Save me" I whimper as I wrap myself around her leg, just before the notion that the Nacho's stomping stopped a couple of seconds ago. I nuzzle into the softness of her scrubs before looking up at her again.

"Where's Nacho?" I ask, my voice squeaky and better suited for a cartoon mouse. I sneak a peek behind me and grin widely at the sight of Nacho shaking in fear as Doctor Staley, a tiny plump woman who's barely 5 feet in stilettos, scolds him into submission. Hee.


"Yeah, Effie?" I look up and notice she's still glaring down at me.

"Stand up" she orders, attempting to keep herself from strangling me. She motions to the figure next to her by way of her weirdly huge eyes.

Next to her stands the tallest, gangliest and most socially awkward individual I have ever seen. I jump up to my feet and blush as I notice I barely reach his chest before taking him in.

Here's what I can tell you: he stands at about 6 foot 2, with his height managing to make him appear malnourished and frail. He has shaggy black hair and creamy white skin that's too pale to be healthy. His nose is perfect, being slightly large and subtly hooked, and his mouth is pressed into a tight thin line at the moment, making it perfectly clear
he'd rather be anywhere than here.

And then there's his eyes. Like Effie's, they're large, but unlike hers his are black. I think about those dark whole things in space that they teach us about in sixth grade, and pout lightly.

He's so empty.

And I'm so in love. I can already hear the pop soundtrack playing in the background as we run towards each other in a field of sunflowers, but something nags me away from my fantasy.

"Maude!" snaps Effie, her death glare turned up to level "Rip a Ho."

"You mean Maddie" I clarify, pressing out my chest and craning my neck in an attempt to look regal and awesome. I also attempt to smile with my eyes, but it comes off as more of a squint than anything.

Damn you Tyra.

Effie places a hand on the boy's shoulder and squeezes encouragingly. He either didn't feel her bear grip or he isn't much for social situations.

"This is Harold."

I smile wide. And he blinks blankly.

We are so in love.

To Be Continued...

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