I had my first abduction when I was under your watch. I bet you were real worried.

"What do you want from me?" I asked the nurse pointing the gun at me.

"Just your participation dear."

"I'm a bit locked up here." I rattled the handcuff keeping me to the hospital bed.

"That's not a problem." She took a pin out of her hair and maneuvered it in the keyhole. The cuffs clicked open without much resistance.

You meant for the cuffs to keep me in my room, out of harm's way, out of your way, out of my own way, but you probably hadn't considered that they were also making me an easy target for people like the fake nurse lady.

"I'm not finished with my cereal." I said softly. It was Apple Jacks that morning; you told me you'd get it for me if I stopped hitting on you for a while. You said dad didn't appreciate my man love for you and you would get in real trouble.

I was good to you, I didn't want you in trouble, I just wanted in between my legs, pleasing me. But then you go do stuff like cuffing me to the bed, so mean.

"I'm not Rob. Don't try that faggy shit with me." Nurse lady said.

"I wouldn't anyway, you are a terrible person."

"That hurts, coming from a fifteen year old."

"I'm almost sixteen."

Nurse lady ignored me and said, "I'm going to lead you down the hall, don't do anything dumb."

"Wouldn't you look sorta weird holding the gun?"

"Shut up and move." She dragged me out of bed, her iron grip made me wince in pain. I had sprained that wrist the last time I ran away.

But I moved like she told me. She held the gun so that the folds of my hospital gown hid it. The barrel dug into the bit of flesh over my pajama pants.

She wanted me to walk through the busy hallways, pass by the blinking equipment, through the lobby, past the guards. And I did.

I recognized the car they shoved me into, even though they didn't know it at the time. The hood they pulled over my head didn't do them much good, since I had guessed where we were going already. It wasn't hard to guess when the driver kept asking nurse lady, "the dock? Which dock?"

"West side dock." I said for nurse lady, and muttered dumbass under my breath. I could feel nurse lady burning holes into my body with her glare.

"I had a wise crack brother like you when I was your age. You know what I did to him?" Nurse lady growled real angry at my ear, I thought she was about to eat my head. "I put a bullet in him."

I shrugged, not because I wasn't scared, but because I wanted to look brave, "You are just mad because I'm psychic."

"Shut up." She hissed, and I felt the barrel of the gun digging at my side again.

"You know what else I know?" I snickered under the dark hood. "Rob's going to come get me, and you'll regret it."

You cut in, your voice sounds touched, "I didn't know you had so much faith in me."

"I didn't, I just wanted to piss her off." I say, and carry on my story.

She rammed the butt of her gun hard at my temple, and the next thing I knew, I was lying on the dock with my pants wet with cold sour piss. The water sounded real loud with my ears against the rocks. It was probably dark by then; the temperature could get real cold in Chicago during summer nights.

"Little faggot peed himself." I heard the nurse lady say above me. No one spoke like that to me back home. No one in the entire state of New York ever spoke like that to me, no one on the east coast even. Damn Midwest rednecks thought they could talk like that to me. I was mad.

"Did you call Carrot?" It was a man's voice. It sounded raspy, like it smoked too much.

"No one was picking up." Nurse lady said real docile like.

"Well, contact Carrot's henchmen then." The man ordered.

I hated it when he called my old man Carrot. Dad's hair wasn't even that color anymore, it turned white years ago, like a white turnip, when I started hitting puberty.

The hood was suddenly pulled off my head, and I was right. It really was pretty dark.

I didn't understand the reason for the hood really. I knew where we were going, and I knew who they were taking me to, and if I was going to try to run away, I sure as hell wasn't going to let a sack over my head stop me.

"You know who I am?" Raspy voice asked.

I had to search in my head for a bit before I replied, "You are Afton's yes man. Fart, was it?"

That earned me a hard blow to my face.

"My name's Bart, remember it."

"Dad won't appreciate you doing that to my face. You want him to do what you want, you might want to consider keeping me in good shape." I recommended for both our benefits.

It kept my face in good condition for a while. He would just kick me in the ribs instead.

"Lock him up in the car, put the bomb in the trunk." Bart said.

"Come love. We'll tie you up real pretty." Nurse lady was singsong voice again.

"I'll behave, you know. Don't have to waste rope on me. The nearest train stop's at least ten blocks away, I'm too skinny to walk that far—" I tried to reason, but nurse lady crumpled the hood in her hand and stuffed it in my mouth. If she had let me finish, I was sure that I could convince her. You always did say I had a talent with my mouth.

They tied me up Shibari style and left me in the car to wonder about what kind of rope kinks they had in their private lives. I hadn't had breakfast since morning and I was craving food real bad by then. I imagined sushi on a boy tied up Shibari style and that only got me through the first hour.

You always made me eat my vegetables and I hated that, but I would've given anything to have you feed me vegetables again.