-Safer and Sounder-

she seems threatened by me as I am threatened by her
when to him she is simply the kitten's purr
frankly, my precious, he's infatuated with you
don't you have your chance and throw it away too
she looks daggers at me as I look daggers at her
when it's bright and clear who he prefers
frankly, my chereshed, I wish you no harm
my defenses all down, my weapons disarmed
I feel out of place, the territory is hers
since it is she who has him it must be what she deserves
if she's afraid I've found a target, that I'll jeopardize
then I'm sorry, his treasure, I'm not quite your size
all that is true, I'm happy he's found her
in comparison to me she's tucked in safer and sounder
so I will resign, Millie has won the fued
heart to heart, his darling, he couldn't be Sued
the way to reverse this, I wish I knew how
when, to him, she is plainly the feline's meow
and although from afar I politely adore,
frankly, my dear, I act like he's yours.

Copyright 2000 by Susanne Estelle Hendrickson