disappearing stars

the rise and fall of time
even without tears
i can feel the tug of loneliness
ever so slightly-

sometimes, we draw closer
& i could (almost)
feel the warmth of you
through the invisible barrier
between us

i was standing there
wondering if you could see
the brightness of the stars
& the darkness ahead

when time beckons
we abandon the impossible
(beautiful dreams)
fleeing into the arms of reality

&i still can't say with clarity
i'll be following
the rise and fall of our feelings
to the very end

"i can't promise...
i won't fall in love with someone else"

"i know, i'll wait for you"

beautiful dreams
under the disappearing stars-

you were the first to walk away

(the slight tug of loneliness
upon a splitting heart)

november 11, 2007