drowned we will see just whst the air meant
found we could breathe wherever we went
cut we finally know how blood helps us live
but, still, we refuse to show how little we give
MISTAKEN, we've made decisions that hurt us
so shake the hate, it's not really worth us
bleeding we see how fragile we are
deleting all need for cash and for cars
holy we behave, until it's convient no more
then slowly we change, from virgin to whore
drowned we will choke, thinking even stale air will do
found it's no joke, when you're dieing too
so want what you have because that is what's best
the problems you have are solved by needing less
drowned we will perish, we took for granted the air
but it's too late to cherish all tht was there.

Copyright 2000 by Susanne Estelle Hendrickson