my climb to the stars, stopped only as far
as the moon and my doom, and your hearty har hars
and all that I knew, was I saw that I grew
and I tried to fly, to fly toward you
but your open arms closed, all along I supposed
that you'd be there and care, not tie me in bows
not wrap me in lies, and force me to disguise
all you did and your shit, not be deaf to my cries
your mind was my thieves, the pattern you weaved
was you fucked yourself up, when you decided to leave
so I speak to your grave, admit you were all the rave
but the angel you pull, she cannot take my place
and no one will take yours, so have fun with your whores
I'll cry here and die here, as you slip away more
you held me under, I drowned, now you're never around
I can't help but look up to you, though I should be looking down
to me, your ways apall, I had it all
but the higher you climb, the deeper you fall
the deeper you love, the less there is above
you're fought on then forgotten, the less that you're thought of
but don't hate those you cherish, it's not a fair wish
start dealing with the feelings, and they too will perish
I used to adore you, then I started to bore you
it's crappy you're happy, but it's all I wish for you.

Copyright 2000 by Susanne Estelle Hendricksonm