To her, it is true, I did once love her

I did once, run my fingers over her, and feel

In no other words can I use,

an absence of time, eternity


I gave her, the world, and all the colors

and she, in turn, came back from the dead

and told me she would never love me

the way I do, in the night I do, love her


I can't use words to tell you, the way it shined

I could barely stand the light it gave off

but I must tell you, I loved it

with all my heart, and everything I am


I still remember her smell, and the air she gave off

or was that me, In the throws of passion,

giving the bend in her spine a name

trying to give the lie, a proper word


I accept the morning stars sin as my own,

It is the only thing I can do, short of falling

to the ground and giving in, my pride

simply will not let me do that


that night, when she never came back, I

stood in the rain and waited, in the place we

promised to meet, only to find myself

wet, and alone. Like all the other times


It is true, I made a fool of myself, because

I was in love with you, and I must tell you

It's not something, I am particularly ashamed of

I'm not ashamed of it at all, Sandy, my love


No, that night I did not mind the rain at all