We drive for a good 15 minutes out into the outskirts of town before I pull into a small parking lot


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I return to where the others are and Evan smirks. Adam walks out of our room moments later wearing baggy black jeans, a form fitting black shirt and a black hoodie with tribal designs in silver on it.

"So who's riding with who?" Evan asks looking at the group. Toby shrugs.

"We can take the truck, three can sit in the front and the rest in the back or whatever." I say and Adam looks at me funny. "I'll drive so you won't get lost." We all pile into the truck. Me, Adam, and Ava are in the front while the rest are in the back. I open the windows including the small one leading to the bed and put in one of Christian's CDs. We are off to Jack's.


Chapter 23

We drive for a good 15 minutes deep into the outskirts of town before I pull into a small parking lot. There are around 20 other cars parked out front but I manage to find a parking place near the doors. I smile at the moderate sized building that looks like it has the potential to be a little grungy. The lights outside are half burned out and the ones that aren't light up the entrance to a seedy looking place. The paint on the building is chipping away revealing the off-white cinder block frame underneath and a simple neon sign in the front window reads Jack's. A few people are standing on the porch smoking and drinking beer. I turn the truck off and pocket the keys.

"Here we are…" I say and grin when I see the look of total horror or excitement on Ava's face. "Just don't hook up with anyone that Christian will have to kill and we will be okay." I climb out of the truck closely followed by all the others.

"Jack really will flip when he sees you squirt. You used to at least have some weight on you." Toby says as he pokes my side. I jump, glare at him, and move to the other side of Adam.

"Ciaran are you sure about this place … it seems kind of shady…" Patrick says while yanking Christian back from where he was trying to run ahead.

"It's fine Patrick. We are just here for a good time." I say and walk up to the doors. "Just know that Jack won't sell alcohol to minors but if you really need a drink he won't stop someone older buying one for you."

"Good to know," Patrick says and gets elbowed in the ribs by Christian.

"You don't drink," Christian hisses at Patrick and I snicker. The inside of the building doesn't look much nicer than the outside. The curtains over the windows are torn and/or hanging at odd angles and a spray paint mural of some random things decorates a far wall. Toby, Evan, and I lead the others through the people over to the tables. Near the tables there are video games and a couple foosball tables set up. Farther back there are a few pool tables and a dance floor. Along one wall is a bar with a cooking grill behind it. Behind that bar is a large man with long brown hair pulled into a ponytail. He is wearing a t-shirt with the sleeves torn off showing numerous tattoos covering his arms, baggy blue jeans, and an apron. He scans the area with dark brown eyes as he fills a drink order for some college kid. The guy behind the bar looks mean and tough. He is a big man not heavy or fat but like LOTS of muscle and tall at least 6'5. The man is also only in his late 20s but looks like he has seen his fair share of fights.

"Anyone want any food?" I ask as I slip my jacket off just to drape it over the back of my chair. I get looks from my friends who don't seem sure about eating anything prepared here.

"What do they have?" Adam asks as he moves his chair a little closer to mine. I think he does this to protect me but he might want me to protect him I'm not sure.

"Burgers, chicken, fries, sodas, normal stuff…" Evan says with a wave to a tall, slim boy over at a pool table. The boy is dressed in a prep-school uniform, much like a good portion of the people here, except that his has been altered. Basically he is wearing the navy blue slacks and blazer with the school logo but other than that he is out of uniform. The boy is wearing a hooded sweatshirt under the blazer with a white button down shirt over the sweatshirt but still under the blazer. He has fingerless black gloves on and sneakers. His tie is hung open over his shoulders and his blonde hair is mussed to look like he just got done having sex. This guy is hot and just screams boy band.

"I'd recommend the burgers and fries." Toby says with a wave to some other random person behind me.

"Okay why don't we all just get that then?" Christian says making the decision for everyone. I nod and stand up.

"I'll be right back," I say with a small kiss to Adam's cheek and a nod to Toby who stands up to follow me. As we walk Toby leans over to talk in my ear.

"Are you going to tell Jack who you are or let him guess?" He asks me and I grin.

"I don't know yet, I might tell him just to see his reaction." I say as we approach the bar.

"Hey Jack!" Toby says with a big smile to the mountain of a man behind the bar. Jack finishes a guy's drink order and walks over to us completely ignoring the next guy waiting. He eyes me carefully before turning his attention to Toby.

"Yeah?" Jack asks and his voice is just a coarse as I remember it. I bite my lip.

"We need um…" Toby looks thoughtful for a moment and I shift my weight back and forth. Jack is an intimidating guy even when you know him.

"We need 6 burgers and fries and 7 regular sodas." I say managing to not stutter. Jack eyes me over again his face scrunched in a look that says Was-I-talking-to-you-kid?

"Alright" He says and yells the order to the cook before turning back to us. "It'll be a few minutes."

"Okay, how much do I owe you?" I ask with a small shy smile. He furrows his brows and squints at me.

"Hey Jack I need 3 shots of Gray Goose, 2 beers, and a sex on the beach over here!" Some bleach blonde guy with a thousand braids in his hair shouts to Jack, ah the guy that was waiting.. Jack turns to him and nods slightly.

"I'll get to you when I'm done here." Jack says bluntly to the guy who sighs and sits down at the bar to wait.

"I still don't know how much to give you." I say looking up at the man.

"Six burgers and fries plus seven drinks comes out to… 62.30." He says as he types the order into the cash register and I reach into my pocket. "But since you're a friend of Toby's I'll drop it to 50."

"Thanks Jack" I say and pull the money out of my pocket. As I reach to hand the money to him my driver's license slips out of my hand and falls on the counter. He glances at it. The picture on it really doesn't look much like me even though it was only taken a year ago when I got my learner's permit. My hair is considerably shorter and hanging loose. I was also probably 30 maybe 40 pounds heavier and look timid and scared in the picture with a large bruise darkening my left cheek that my makeup failed to cover. I look like I used to look before I started to stand up for myself… before I met Adam.

"Ciaran Valentine?" He asks, pronouncing my name correctly, as he picks up my driver's license and examines it closely. I stand straight and bite my lip. His eyes scan the card then lock on me. "It's been a long time Val."

"Yeah over 2 years and I go by Ciaran these days." I say and jump slightly when I feel someone wrap his or her arms around my shoulders from behind. Jack growls low in his throat and glares at the person who backs up quickly letting me go. I turn my head to see who grabbed me. Christian stands there with his hands up in a show of surrender. "Christian don't grab me unannounced last time you got hit," I say before introducing the two, "Jack this is Christian a friend of mine. Don't worry about him Jack, he's fairly harmless."

"Nice to meet you kid," Jack says and sets our sodas in front of us on the bar. "Let me help Theodore over here and then I'll help you carry those to your table. I would like to meet the rest of those people you brought in here." We nod and wait for him to help the boy with the braids. Once he is done with Theodore he steps around the counter. "Shelly take over the bar for a few minutes I'm going on break!" Jack yells to a girl sitting at the end of the bar. She nods making her black hair with blonde highlights flip into her face. She sets her pencil down and closes her book on it before she hops over the counter and begins filling orders with a speed and grace that proves she is not new at this. We carry the drinks over to the table and Jack sets one in front of Adam. Adam looks up at the man and smiles.

"Thanks," Adam says and takes a sip. Jack finishes passing out the drinks eyeing each person closely as he sets the drinks down.

"Jack this is Patrick, Ava, you met Christian, you know Evan, and this is my best friend Adam," I say with a smile at the sexy blonde boy.

"You all new here or are you just visiting?" Jack asks in his gruff voice that seems to make everyone who doesn't know him look nervous.

"We're here to visit Mrs. Dodd." Adam says being the first willing to speak up. Jack nods.

"It's nice to meet you all. Val… I mean Ciaran can I have a word with you?" Jack asks and Adam gives him a nervous almost suspicious look. "What are you his body guard or something?" he asks Adam.

"Something like that," Adam replies blankly as he keeps his eyes on the larger man.

"Adam its fine I'll be right back and I'll bring food," I say and smile at Adam showing that I am not really nervous going off with this man.

"Alright if you're sure," Adam says eyeing the man over once more before getting a look on his face that says I-could-take-him.

"I am and you couldn't," I say and ruffle his hair as we walk past the table and over to the bar again. Jack leans against far end of the bar away from most people and I sit down on a stool. I fidget a little nervously with my sleeves as I wait for him to speak.

"Ciaran, how are you these days?" He asks me in a softer tone than he usually uses with customers.

"I'm wonderful for the most part lately," I say and smile up at the man.

"You look nervous even scared. You've never been nervous with me. What's going on?" He asks and takes the seat next to mine and reaches over the bar to get himself a beer. I shrug a response. "What's with the bruise?" He asks as he slides my ID back over to me and I didn't realize I hadn't gotten it back before.

"I got hit apparently," I deadpan down to the picture of myself.

"No shit kid. Who hit you?" He asks gently turning my face to him, well gently for him which means it still makes me flinch.

"Jack… I mouthed off to the wrong person that day and in turn got hit for it…" I say quietly while trying to avert my eyes away from his.

"Who hit you?" He repeats himself with a less calm attitude. I flinch and duck my head as I tug at my sleeves again.

"Jack just forget it… I took care of it…" I say and slowly bring my eyes up to meet his brown ones again. He doesn't look like he quite believes me but he also lets it drop.

"Okay… what happened to you in general? Why are you nervous? Why do you look like you haven't eaten in months? Why are your friends glaring coldly at me from across the room?" Jack asks and I look over to see Patrick and Adam giving cold looks in our direction.

"They are just overly protective… well Adam is I have no clue why Patrick is glaring over here. Me and him don't always see eye to eye on everything but whatever." I say and flash a reassuring smile in their direction. "And I do eat Jack… usually."

"What's usually?" He asks looking me in the eye again.

"Usually is when I lose the fight with Adam and he makes me…" I reply softly and avert my eyes again.

"Does your dad know this?" He asks softly his whole demeanor softening.

"You know my dad doesn't know and you know he doesn't care… he never did." I say and glance back at the table across the room where the rest of my friends are sitting. Christian and Patrick are playing Foosball while Evan and Toby roots them on. Adam is still looking at us a frown set to his lips and Ava seems to be trying to talk to him.

"I know kid … and I'm sorry you had to grow up like that… Does grandma know?" He asks me and I look back at him with a shake of my head. Did I mention that Jack is Toby's older stepbrother? No? Well he is. His dad married Toby's mom when I was 3, Toby was 6, and Jack was 13.

"No she doesn't and I'd like to keep it that way." I reply quietly and look up at Jack to gauge his reaction.

"You are going to eat tonight right?" he asks with a sigh and I shrug.

"I ate all day so I'll probably pick off of Adam's plate." I say and look down when Jack frowns at me. "I should get back to my friends…" He nods and grabs a tray of food to hand to me then carries the other tray of food to the table. I help pass it out as the boys who were playing foosball return. Jack returns to the counter with a curt goodbye to us. I take a seat next to Adam and receive a frown from him. "What?" I ask quietly to Adam.

"You aren't eating?" He asks and I shrug.

"I'm not hungry but I'll eat some of your fries so I won't get a headache." I say and he nods.

"Okay…" He says and pushes his fries over to me. I pick at them while the others eat. I perk up when The Arrows- I love rock and roll starts to play over the old jukebox in the corner near the dance floor. I jump from my seat and head to the dance floor with a huge smile on my face. Evan, Christian, and Ava follow me and we all begin to dance to the old rock song.

"Let's give the boys a show…" Christian says down to me and I grin up at him.

"Can you dance?" I ask with a small laugh.

"Can I dance? I've been the lead in all the school's musicals and dance productions. Yeah I can dance. Can you dance?" Christian asks me and I just smirk.

"Ooooh yeah." I reply as Shakira's underneath your clothes comes on the jukebox. I look over and see Toby standing there.

'He just turned on Shakira… I wonder why…'

Evan begins to dance to the music swaying his hips to the beat in a very seductive manner.

'Now I know why he turned it on… Evan can move those hips…'

"Whoa pervert boy can shake it…" Christian says with a laugh and I laugh as well.

"Not as good as me…" I wink at Christian and walk over to Evan. Out of the corner of my eye I can see Adam sit straighter in his chair and Toby looks at us. I swing my hips in beat with the song as I put my hands Evan's shoulders. Evan blushes lightly but slips his hands to my hips as he too shakes his hips. We begin a very sultry dance.

"You're good at this…" Evan whispers just loud enough for me to hear over the music.

"You haven't seen anything yet." I wink at Evan and begin to sway my body in beat with the music while keeping my hips moving. I tense for a second and look over my shoulder when I feel hands land on my shoulders and run down my arms to rest on my sides. I see a smirking Christian behind me.

"Now this is a show…" He says as he begins to move his body to the music behind me while standing so close I can feel his movements against me. The three of us continue to dance in a very provocative and sexy manner as we rub against each other in beat to the music. I keep one arm around Evan's neck as I reach behind me and tangle my other hand in Christian's hair. I sing along to Shakira's sultry voice as we dance. Evan and Christian are rubbing their hands over my sides and back. Evan's hands even slip under the hem of my shirt for a moment and trace circles over my lower back. I am too lost in the music and dance to care.

'Damn I am now in the middle of a hottie sandwich… not that I mind…'

Once the song ends we step away from each other. All three of our faces are red and we are all smiling.

"Okay, boys that was one hell of a show." Jack says from behind us and we swiftly turn around as we all blush deeper.

"Hey Jack," Evan says with a nervous laugh and pushes his bangs from his face. Jack raises a brow at his brother's boyfriend. "He started it." Evan motions at me. I balk at him then grin.

"I…" I start to deny his accusations then laugh, "Yeah okay I did but still…" I say with a grin as Christian throws his arm around my shoulders and pulls me to his side. I steal a glance at Adam and Patrick and laugh. They both are flushed and sharing lust filled looks at us.

"Keep it clean Ciaran I don't want grandma skinning me alive because someone tells her you're dancing like that." Jack says to me and I grin. "I mean it…"

"Okay Jackie I'll keep it clean." I say with an overly innocent look and Jack just rolls his eyes.

"See that you do," he grumbles before walking back to the bar. I crack up laughing with Christian. Evan doesn't seem to find it nearly as amusing and walks off to his boyfriend. We return to the table where I drag Adam to the dance floor for some normal dancing and Christian takes Patrick to play pool.

"Nice dancing love," Adam says to me as I move my body expertly with the music. I smile brightly at him.

"You're not so bad yourself," I say as I watch him dance. He isn't an expert or even really all that great but he knows some moves that I am assuming Christian taught him. He doesn't put his whole body or soul into the dance and he even seems like he is a little embarrassed at being out here on the dance floor at all.

'I can't recall ever seeing him self-conscious except with his dad but here he is looking nervous as can be.'

I move closer to Adam and ignoring Jack's words of keeping it clean I wrap my arms around his neck and sway to the music. Adam hesitantly puts his arms around my waist. After dancing very stiffly for a little while, I smile reassuringly up at him and he returns it with a smile showing the self-confidence I know he has. He pulls me flush with him while slipping his hands lower into the back pockets on my jeans and I swear he just groped my ass. He leans down and rests his forehead on mine and leans closer. With him being this close and groping my ass I'm blushing feverishly and have a goofy grin plastered to my face. Just as he starts to relax into the dance and we are about to share what has the potential to be a really hot kiss we are interrupted by Toby.

'Fucking interruptions I swear…'

"Guys we have a problem…" Toby says sounding a little anxious and I pull away from Adam to look at him.

"What's wrong?" I ask noting the worried expression on his face. His sudden worry is making me very nervous.

"Where are Christian and Patrick?" Adam asks.

"They were playing pool," I say as Toby motions to the pool tables and that's when I notice they were playing pool but aren't anymore. Now Patrick is standing between Christian and another guy. Christian is holding Ava to his chest and shooting death glares at the guy while talking quietly to his sister, who appears to be crying. My brows furrow in concern as I look at Patrick's face. Patrick's cheeks are burning with anger and his fists are clenched so tight at his sides his knuckles are white.

"Oh shit," Adam mutters as Patrick, Christian, Ava, and the guy along with 3 of the guy's friends head outside. We follow quickly arriving outside just as the guy's fist connects with the side of Patrick's face causing his head to jerk to the side.

"PATRICK!" Christian exclaims and tries to get into the fight only to be held back by Ava, who is still clinging to him. Patrick glances at Christian only to be hit again but the guy while he wasn't looking. Patrick spits out a little blood as it trickles from the corner of his mouth before he looks back at the guy and throws a fist connecting with the side of the guy's ribcage causing the guy to choke on air. The 3 friends start to move in on Patrick as they try to circle him. Christian rips free of Ava and moves so he is back to back with Patrick. Patrick is saying something to him but I can't hear. It looks like Christian is being scolded for entering the fight. The group of boys descends upon Christian and Patrick with fists and feet. Adam and I rush over to help our friends. Adam dives into the fight without hesitation and I move over to Ava.

'If I got in that fight I'd just be in the way.'

"Ava what happened?" I ask as I hold my shaking friend. "Are you okay?"

"I-I'm…f-fi-fine" She stutters between shaky breaths. I strip off my jacket and wrap it around her. For how fierce and outspoken she usually is she looks so fragile and weak right now. I wonder if this is how I look after Rob visits. When she speaks I detect a faint smell of beer on her breath and I look sharply at her then at the fight.

"What happened?" I repeat as I watch Patrick slam one of the guy's friend's faces into a trashcan. Christian is straddling the guy who was at the pool table with them and repeatedly punching the guy in the face. Adam is busy trying to handle 2 of the friends and keep them off of Christian. I take a quick glance at Adam's eyes and notice they have darkened and appear angry. None of my boys have their usual calm demeanor while fighting this time. They are all seriously pissed off.

"The…The guy he gave me a beer … I didn't…didn't think anything of it until… until I started to get light headed after one… one sip… then…then he groped me and I…I told him to stop… I …I think he drug…drugged me… I ran to Christian…and…and Patrick…." Ava cries as tears start down her cheeks again. I hold her closer to me as she cries and I watch as Christian pounds on the boy.

'I don't think Adam even knows why he is fighting but maybe beating these guys will help work out the aggression and anger he's been holding since getting here.'

Evan walks over and looks at us before just petting her hair ever so gently. Toby I notice is no where to be seen. We watch as Patrick, Adam, and Christian beat the hell out of the 4 boys while earning their fair share of scrapes and bruises. Me and Ava jump when a loud CLANG fills the air.

"HEY KNOCK IT OFF," comes a loud angry voice that belongs to Jack. The clang I notice is the metal baseball bat he is holding having been connected to the metal pole of the chain link fence that surrounds this area.


Patrick and Adam quickly break up their fights but Christian continues to pound on the boy. I watch as Adam and Patrick pull a struggling and red faced Christian off of the bloodied boy. Christian is shaking with anger and still looks furious. Our calm and collected Christian is honestly scaring me with the look of death he has in his dark blue now almost black eyes. The four bloodied guys who started the fight take off into the parking lot. Christian shakes off Adam and Patrick before slamming his fist against the wall of the building and laying his forehead against the cinderblocks. When he moves his hand to tug at his hair I notice a smear of red across the bricks. Christian's knuckles are bleeding but if it was from hitting the guy or hitting the wall I don't know. Ava breaks free of me and runs over to her brother only to be grabbed and held back by Adam as Patrick walks slowly and cautiously towards the youngest of our group.

"Christian…" Patrick says softly almost like he is talking to a wild animal and trying to not frighten it.

"Go away," I hear Christian growl as Patrick moves closer. Jack, Toby, and Evan walk back inside and leave us to deal with each other. I head over to where Adam is holding Ava to watch Patrick and Christian.

"Come on Christian…" Patrick says just as softly as before and touches the shoulder of the younger boy. Christian turns on Patrick and punches the older boy right I the chest. Patrick winces but instead of backing up he holds his hands out to the side in a show of surrender as Christian hits him again but not as forcefully. "Christian…" his voice is a whisper now. Christian hits Patrick's chest a few more times leaving blood smears from his busted knuckles on the material before he collapses against the older boy's chest.

"Can we go home?" Ava asks softly and I nod.

"Of course…let me tell the others and I'll be right back, go ahead and load everyone up in the truck," I say to Ava and Adam as I head back inside the building to find Toby and Evan.

"Hey how's your friend doing Squirt?" Toby asks me when I finally find them at the bar with Jack.

"They are both fine but Ava wants to go home…" I tell them.

"Okay we'll stick around and catch a ride home with Jack… but Squirt what was the fight about?" Toby asks and I tell them what Ava told me. Jack looks furious.

"Those boys will NEVER step foot in this club again!" Jack exclaims and I jump when he raises his voice.

"It was great seeing you again Jack maybe you guys could come visit me sometime." I say with a smile and Toby nods.

"I might just have to do that. After all I have a few things to say to those brothers of yours and I would love to meet the infamous Mrs. Larson you are living with." Toby says with a laugh. I laugh and give all 3 of them hugs before running back outside. Adam is in the truck with Ava while Patrick is holding Christian in the bed of the truck. It looks more like Patrick is trying to restrain the younger boy from jumping out and doing more damage to himself. I climb in and start the truck. The ride back to my grandma's house is relatively silent and full of tension. Once we park in the driveway I look at the clock.

'It's almost 11 Grandma will be home in an hour…'

We head inside and each take turns taking fast showers in the two bathrooms in the house before I patch up Christian's knuckles. I take time patching up the boys with the first aid kit and then cover forming bruises with makeup techniques I have perfected over the years. By the time grandma gets home we are lounged out in front of the TV together in a mass of bodies on the floor, each of us using another as a pillow.

"Did you children have fun tonight?" Grandma asks as she puts her coat in the closet and smiles at us.

"Yes, Mrs. Dodd." Adam replies and I smile at him. Out of our group I notice only me and him are awake not that we could move since I'm using him as a pillow, Christian and Patrick are using me as a pillow and are curled together and Ava is using them as a pillow.

"You children get some sleep and I'll see you in the morning," She says as she walks over and kneels down to kiss us both on the forhead.

"Good night Grandma," I say with a yawn.

"Good night Ma'am," Adam says and puts his arm around me while using his other one as a pillow.

"Good night boys." She says and heads to bed.

"I love you Princess," Adam whispers as he plays idly with my hair.

" I love you too Adam," I say and lift his hand to my mouth to kiss it lightly. "Goodnight Love."

"Good night Princess sleep well," He says through a yawn. Before long we are both asleep worn out from the long day and numerous fights.


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