We Are Going To Be Seashells

We have nothing left to lose except
a stronger form of humanity.
But that can surely be sacrificed,
can't it? I mean it doesn't seem like
too large of a price.
And who cares if the world turns to compost?
I'd personally like it better that way.
We can turn into fossil fuels or seashells,
and if we haven't already, decay.
We'll be a precious surprise for
the coming race.
And a good message of what not to portray.
A warning of suffering, heartache, and pain.
It's the least we could do after this mess
we have made.
So, we have nothing left to lose except
for the fakeness we create.
Sounds like a risk that even Mary would take.
Sounds like our illusion of Jesus
wants fucking out of this place.
It sounds like we are going to be seashells,
breathing dirt where we lay.
Light the match or the meteor now,
and cremate.