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"Full Moon Rising"

Prologue "Halloween Night Fright"

She was sitting on the living room couch, sleeping, when the doorbell rang. Slowly opening her eyes she stretched; her hands going above her head effectively creaking her (back) vertebra. Yawning softly, she heaved herself off the couch and headed toward the door.

She opened the large oak wood door and was greeted by four familiar faces. Her friends Amy, Jessica (AKA Chibi) , Holly, and Jennifer. "You guys are early..." Collette mumbled with a small smile. Her black hair brushed against her face as the breeze from outside made itself known. "Well are you going to let us in or what?" Amy said impatiently. Holly shot her a dirty look and Chibi giggled nervously. Yup, they were still the same after 3 years of not seeing them. Amy still had her dyed blue hair and glasses, Holly was still short with her short brown hair and glasses, Chibi still short with her long curly blond hair, and Jen with glasses and long brown hair. Shaking her head she moved aside to let them enter her home.

Jessica raised her eyebrow at Jen and asked in a serious voice, "Did you bring the sugar?"

Jennifer made a show of looking around for prying eyes, "Ya, I brought the pixie stix."

Laughter from inside the house made them turn around. "You guys are so retarded. You act like its a big drug deal, let's just break out the junk food and have fun already!" Amy called from her position on the couch. "Alright, alright." Collette motioned Jen into her home and shut and locked the door.

"So why are you all here so early, you never did answer that?" Collette took the grocery bags from Jen and walked into the kitchen while waiting for an answer. "Do you ever watch the news?" Amy asks. Jen laughs. "Who, her? HA!" Collette glares at her best friend and waves her hand for the others to continue. "There is a storm heading toward this area, we wanted to get here before the storm did." Holly stated.

"See that was easy, all you had to do was answer my question." Collette said while sitting on the floor. "So what shall we watch? Horror movies?"

"Sure, sure. Whatever you guys wanna watch is fine by me." Chibi said while grabbing a dark afghan blanket and settling down on the left end of the couch. Holly nodded in agreement. "You're all SO very helpful." Collette reached across her coffee table and grabbed the TV remote. "Well, here's what we have. 'Doom', '28 weeks later', 'Final Destination 3', or 'Audition'; so which is it?"

"As long as it's not gorey I don't really care." Collette sighed. "Well that rules out, let's see... ALL of them then. Sorry Jen, your just going to have to deal with some exploding body parts and what not." Jen groaned and sank into the armchair she was sitting in. "It's not real so I don't see how that can bother anyone but whatever. So...?"

"How about '28 weeks later'? It has zombies in it right?" Amy said while opening a large pack of pixie stix. A scratching sound from the kitchen made everyone stop moving. "What was that?" Amy whispered. Collette laughed. "That's just my German Sheppard 'Darsh'." Jen gawked at her. "You named your DOG Darsh!?" All eyes were on Collette. "For those of you, who don't watch anime or haven't watched an anime with 'Darsh' in it, you're not going to understand and I'm not explaining." Jen just shook her head.

"OK! So movie?" Collette muttered and pressed play from her remote and '28 weeks later' began to play. Around an hour later a large animal walked into the room scaring most of the occupants. A large, black German Sheppard padded over to Collette and settled down beside her. She affectionately scratched behind his ears and he lay down, ignoring everyone else.

"Your dog just scared the hell out of me! I just spilt pixie stix all over myself..." Amy groused. "You're cleaning your mess up when the movie is over." Collette said while still watching the movie. Amy stuck her tongue out and settled deeper into the cushions. Jen squeezed her eyes shut while zombies were being torn apart by helicopter blades, Chibi grabbed for more pixie stix. By the movies closing frame Amy was laughing and being hit with a pillow by Chibi.

"That was a good movie. What's next?" Holly asked after switching position again. "We could watch-" a deep rumbling erupted from around the house, the lights began to flicker rapidly before the house became dark. "So much for watching any more movies." Holly stated dryly. "Do we have any candles or something because I can't see in the dark."

"Yes Amy. When I find my coffee table I will immediately light something just for you." Came Collette's irritable reply. "Jen, Holly, Chibi, is the table near any of you?" Collette asked with a sigh. "No sorry." Holly and Jen replied after a moment. "No... ahhh wait! Yes! At least I think that's the table." Chibi's voice drifted off. "Underneath should be some flashlights or candles." Chibi nodded even though she knew none of them could see her. She fumbled with the un-seeable objects beneath the table before finally finding a few small candles and a lighter. After lighting them the room was bathed in a ghostly half light.

"This is pleasant..." Amy complained. Darsh stood up swiftly, growling, all the hair on his back standing up. Baring his fangs he stared directly at the large plate glass window that was in the middle of the living room. "What is wrong with him, get him to stop!"

"Darsh? What it? What's out there?" Collette got up and went to check out the window but Darsh grabbed her hand roughly and pulled her away. "Darsh Ouch!" He stood between them and the window, eyes still fixed on whatever he sensed outside. "Why is he acting like this?" Collette turned her head. "I have no idea Jen, he's never done anything like this before. Not even with the worst of storms."

There was a crash in the back of the house and Darsh ran growling and barking to the origin point of the sound. "Darsh! Get back here!" Collette ran after Darsh with Chibi following behind her. Holly, Amy and Jen stayed in the living room, listening quietly for anything to tell them what was going on. The candles flickered and there was a tapping sound at the front door. The girls looked at each other silently and got up; as a group they headed to the door.

As they unlocked and opened the door the tapping sound stopped abruptly. Amy took a step outside and squinted. "Look at this, I can't see too well, but there is like this fog or mist all around here... wait..." she stepped further away from the door and out of view; mist surrounding her. "I think there's something over there..."

"Amy get back here!" Holly whispered. A clanking sound and a pair of glasses hit the wooden steps. "Amy?" Holly stepped out of the door frame and picked up the glasses and was about to descend the front steps when Jen touched Holly's arm to stop her. "Amy?!" Holly was pulled back in the house as something was seen shifting through the mist. "What if that was Amy!" Jen shut and locked the door. "I don't think that was Amy... Look at the glasses...there's blood on them."

A scream erupted from the back of the house and it sounded as if something had smashed through a window. The two girls looked at one another and went running.

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