Full Moon Rising

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Full Moon Rising

Chapter 3

"You See Them Before Dawn"

Chibi screamed and was thrown to the ground. "Hurry! Get back up I can't hold this for long!" Holly said while her back was against the door; it was the only thing keeping the creatures away from them. Darsh bit the clawed fingers that slipped through the gap between the door and wall. The creature gave a monstrous howl and the bleeding fingers retracted.

"Good boy Darsh!" Holly whispered. The constant pushing from the other side of the door subsided a little; growling and scratching were the only sounds that filled the two girls' ears. "We need to find the cellar door that leads outside, it's our only shot." Chibi breathed in deeply.

"Do you think you can hold the door shut long enough for me to find it?" Holly nodded and Chibi sprinted away from the door.

The basement was huge, it went nearly the entire length of the house; large brick support columns lined neatly in three rows. Brown eyes searched franticly in the dim light. There were boxes piled upon boxes blocking much of the large open spaces making it extremely difficult to navigate quickly. Chibi cursed when she ran into a box knocking a small tower over; the contents spilling onto the floor. A scream echoed across the room and Chibi turned. One of the creatures' wings had broken through the upper portion of the solid oak basement door. The grey gnarled fingers curled tightly around the opening and began to push. "Chibi hurry!" holly yelled while franticly trying to keep the door shut; Darsh snarled and barked at the fingers that were too high for him to reach.

Continuing her search Chibi skidded across the room on some marbles that had crept out from inside the fallen boxes. She caught her balance and spied a slightly open corner in the very back portion of the basement. Running over there she saw a small stream of light jet out from a dark corner. Touching the wall, it felt cool. "Bingo!" Forcefully shoving boxes out of the way she slowly unearthed the cellar door.

"Holly, I found it!" Chibi yelled as loud as she could. Getting her fingers behind the old iron door, she pulled. It wouldn't budge. She could hear when Holly abandoned her station by the door; there was a thunderous cry from all of the creatures and the sound of the door splintering apart.

She put all of her strength into pulling the iron door open; her finger nails were pressed so hard against the old iron that a few of her nails split and ripped off leaving blood to trail down in red rivers. The iron door opened with a great creaking noise; cobwebs stretched and broke as the door was pulled fully open. Holly and Darsh bounded over, Darsh still snarling madly.

The creatures burst through the now open door, heading directly for the girls. "Move! Move!" Holly shoved Chibi through the doorway and slammed the iron door shut. Chibi held her bleeding fingers close to her chest and was taking deep shaky breaths. Holly unlatched the lock on the underside of the outer cellar door and tried to push it open. "There's something heavy on the other side of the door, like a weight!" Holly moved to a higher step and continued pushing on the door.

"Do you think it's one of them? Oh god we're trapped! We can't get out!"

"We wouldn't be trapped if you would help me with this!" holly snapped. Tapping sounds began on the other side of the bottom basement door. Both girls looked at each other and Chibi rushed up the six steps to help push open the door. "It's like something is caught in the handles on the outside!" Darsh lunged at the top door and the added force was enough to shove the doors open.

Having nothing to push their weight against anymore the girls lost their balance and tumbled down the steps. Darsh barked at them until they shakily stood on their feet.

With the upper cellar door finally open the two girls and one canine rushed up the six steps and out into the yard. Holly turned and gasped, the weight that had been preventing their escape from the cellar had been Amy's dead body. Her arm had been caught between the two door handles; the bone had broken in three separate places from the force they applied to open the doors.

"Its almost dawn..." holly commented quietly. "Let's go, we have to get out of here before those creatures figure out were not in there anymore." Chibi said while tugging Holly in the direction of the woods.

They made it to the tree line before a blue haired creature swooped in an took hold of holly, pulling her up into the air. "Let go!" Holly screamed and tried to chop its leg of with the machete. Using one of its wings it knocked the machete to the ground. "Chibi do something!"

"I can't it's getting to high! Holly look!"

The creatures eyes had locked onto the now rising sun, the dewy black color turning to a rusted grey. The wings stopped moving and the skin began to flake off as the bones turned black and rotted.

Screaming, Holly fell to the ground in a heap; a grey dust like substance falling on and around her. Groaning Holly lifted her head and sat up. "Holly, are you ok?"

"I just fell from 10 feet in the air, was showered in creature dust and you ask if I'm ok?!" Chibi smiled weakly and offered Holly a hand to help her up. Looking around they saw creatures emerging from the house, all meeting the same fate. "Its the sun... It's causing them to disintegrate." Darsh whined as he stepped in the ash. Chibi shook her head and smiled a little.

"Do you really think it's over?"

Staring at the sun holly shrugged. "I don't know."

Petting Darsh on the head Chibi sighed. "How do we explain this to the cops...?" Holly and Chibi looked at each other and laughed.


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