Dear You-Know-Who, my "Meant-To-Be":

You said that you would always love me. Did you really mean that? I'm kind of pissed off that you've been giving me the cold shoulder ever since I've left that familiar, welcoming area that you came from. But, really, you left me.

Your broken promises, your silly excuses of why you can't talk to me. I'm sick of them. I'm sick of you, sick of you treating and using me, sick of me crying over this useless love that hasn't been active for quite a while now.

It's been extinguished since our break.

I've moved onto better people, greener pastures, baby. I'll love you, but it'll be a friend love. A love, like a brother and sister share. Maybe it's actually always been that way. Maybe it's better this way.

I've I feel bad that I've moved on. Moved on without you…but, I need to. I've found better people.

One person, that shows me compassion and kindness…understanding, everything that I need and long for. Things I wanted from you, the person that was my "sent from above". But, it turned out that he's better than you. Better than you'll ever be, then you ever were. I had to push those little kind words, ask if you still wanted to be mine….

This person, makes me feel worthwhile, while, you did, you really did, but he does it so much better. He makes me feel loved, more than I have ever been. The kind that I probably should have deserved a long time ago. I don't know exactly where I'm going, or where this is going, but I just felt the need to write this a while ago.

I just need the special person to give me the extra push.

What it all comes down to is, we're over. Over as the passing seasons, and the time ticking by. No more "I love you"s and wanting to get married years from now. I'm over you. I'm letting you go. You're as free as a bird to do whatever you want to do. Free of me.

Free because I let you go.

I've got good reasons.

There's no need to respond to this.



(Your "destined to be" no longer, but I'm still you're angel.)