Black-Haired Angel

The year is 2012.

In a small mountain village in Northern Germany, lives a young woman named Genevieve.

There, in that same small village, is young, handsome Admiral by the name of Aaron von Weick.

Because of her black hair and dark eyes, she is a slave.

Because of his light blonde hair and azure eyes, he is one of the most revered men in the country.

You see, ever since the Nazis won WWII, only those with blonde hair and blue eyes were permitted to live. Babies with dark hair or eyes were 'disposed of' mercilessly. However, the Nazi government required one out of every thousand or so to live, and to work as slave labor for government officials.

Genevieve- one such slave- has already accepted her fate. However, when reknown Nazi Admiral von Weick begins to pick on her, Genevieve finally snaps and winds up striking him. In retribution, the Admiral forms a plan to keep her close to him- and become his personal maid for the rest of her life.

How could it possibly be, in such a strict, military totalitarianism government, that the two should fall in love?