Blood runs down,

Across my back,

From the knife you put there,


Not real sure why,

It happened this way,

But I refuse to stay up late,

Taking the blame.

I refuse to surrender to your cold, harsh words.

I refuse to cry over what once was.

I refuse to play the victim, like I always do.

I refuse to be broken anymore.

I have moved on.

I have found someone,

To love me,

Even if it's only for now.

He doesn't hurt me.

Doesn't call me names.

And you wanna know the best part?

He doesn't live,

In a fantasy world.

He's helping me pick up the pieces,

You shattered.

Can it be changed?

Can it be fixed?

Can we go back?

The answer:


A/N: So, nothing really to say. I will be writing more on this subject, but I may not have a lot of time. Working on a novel. :) So...R&R if you want. It's all up to you.