I sleep through the noise,
I sleep through the hush,
the deep city rush,
and the dirt that I dont know,
pervades my lungs,

wash this clean,
in the bathtub,
but when I touch the water,
it turns black,
and upon inspection,
I see my thoughts,
being whisked away,

and I jump back in shock,
and just stare frozen,
in place,
this is where words got me,
this is what thinking had done,
the core of my existance,
was just washed down the drain,
and this insane feeling,
pervades my brain,
and strangles all normal thinking,

so that I cannot even feel,
anything but invisible,
and non-existant,

will somebody please,
teach me,
how to not be a victim,
of caring,
somebody, please,
teach me,
that it is not okay,
to feel this way,
it is not normal, to feel this insane.