Summary: A girl eats a magical shrimp named Bob. What happens? Sequel Coming!


In A World

Were You Are A Magial Shrimp

You Are Bob

Kags had a content look on her face as she opened her packet of shrimp. She was about to eat one when, the shrimp yelled:

"Wait!" the shrimp exclaimed

"What!" Kags replied clearly annoyed

"I am Bob. The Magical Shrimp. I can grant you any wish you desire." Bob explained

"Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeah. No." Kags answered about to eat him.

"Stop!" he exclaimed once more

"WHAT!" Kags said getting angry now.

"If you eat me, who knows what can happen!" Bob warned

There was a short pause. Then...


She ate him.

"Nothing." she said triumphantly

There was another short pause. Then...


She turned into a shrimp.

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This is a sequal because I know that alll of you want one! Right? Anyways, I knew I said I was gonna write Nanners Are Awesome but it's a long term project. So:

READ THIS OR DIE!! Or maybe you'll just trip over your own feet.

Shrimp: The Sequal

Kags' POV:

I was just a girl eating her shrimp then poof! I turned into one. I don't know how I got into this dish though. It's a real mystery to me! Oh no! The chopsticks are coming to me! Ow. That hurt. If I still had that shrimp I would be eating another shrimp because that's what I would've wished for.

PLOP! Great. They just dipped me in sause. Ow! It burn. They're bringing me up to their face.

There are two endings. I couldn't decide which one is better.


"WAIT !" I yell

"What oh talking shrimp that is so awesome and stuff?" The man asks

"Do you want fries with that?" I ask

"With kechup too!" He adds


"What!" The man says angrily

"I am Kags The Magical Shrimp. I can grant you any wish you desire!" I explain

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I AM NO SHRIMP! They are evil. Although funny but STIL EVIL!!!!