Chapter One – Pink Pumps and Skate Shoes

It was Tuesday, September 1st. Candy Mitchell was sitting in her black Impala LSX, fixing her make up. All she needed was just another smudge of dark brown eyeliner, and a brush of black mascara. Of course, her make-up had been done since that morning, but touch-ups throughout the day were key. Make up always had to be perfect for the first day of school. Well, make up always had to be perfect for Candy.

Being the queen bee of Saint Peter's High School was a big job. Not any girl could lead one of the most prestigious schools in Southern California. It took so many qualities. You needed determination, confidence, a certain kind of bossiness, and of course, the perfect face, hair, and body. And Candy certainly had that.

At 5'8 and 115, she had the kind of body girls stopped eating for. She was tall and slender, with just the right curvature. Her sleek blonde hair fell right below her shoulder blades, and long razor cut bangs fell around her face, perfectly framing her deep sapphire eyes. Candy was the envy of every girl. Have you ever heard "guys wanted her, girls wanted to be her"? The girls this is usually said to had nothing on Candy Mitchell.

As always, every queen bee had an entourage. Her sidekicks April and Megg were also seated in the car. April could have been Candy's twin, if, as Candy had pointed out whenever anyone brought up the topic, "Yeah, if April's the runt!" April had the same blonde hair, high cheekbones, and deep blue eyes, but was three inches short and ten pounds heavier than Candy. She was still gorgeous, of course, but it was hard for anyone to see her beauty when compared to Candy. Megg was the only girl at SPHS that came even close to the beauty that was Candy. Megg was an inch taller, and had the same lanky model frame. She had extremely curly brown hair, but eyes such a light shade of gray that her pupils were hard to see sometimes. Her caramel skin made her eyes even more eerily beautiful.

After a few more minutes of applying and perfecting makeup and hair, April leaned over to Candy, "Ready?"

Candy pouted her full red lips at her rearview mirror once more. "Let's do this, girls." Candy opened her door, then neatly put her two pink pump covered feet out the door. Her long legs led on wards forever, until reaching the hem of her frayed denim mini skirt. She stepped out of the car, and pulled on the bottom of her hot pink polo shirt. She turned around to pick up her black le sport sac backpack, then shut and locked the car. April and Mandy stood close by, reading to cater to any of Candy's wants. Candy pulled a pair of aviators out of her bag, slid them onto her face, and started walking towards the stone steps that led to SPHS.

As always, some of the chatter died down when candy entered the building. Everyone stayed silent as she passed, and a brave few muttered a hello. Few of these greeting received anything other than a hair flip. Candy walked to her locker, and loaded in her books. Once she started, chatter rose again. Anyone worried of being decimated by Candy Mitchell not felt that they had at least a few more minutes of a dignified life.

A tall boy with spiked brown hair and a letter jacket came up behind candy and wrapped his arms around her. "Hey there angel." The boy easily passed six feet, and had the body of an Abercrombie model. Underneath the black and red letter jacket, he wore a wife beater and loose Sean Jean jeans.

"Jack, you know I hate to be interrupted while assembling my locker." At this point, Candy had already put in her books, and was proceeding to attach a mirror and container for make up. Rule Number 1 of being the queen bee: You ALWAYS look good.

"You know you don't mind." Jack's arms were still wrapped around Candy's torso. He leaned down and lightly bit her earlobe. Candy loved the thrill of pain, though she refused to ell anyone this; even Jack. She couldn't let the school know that their beloved leader was into S&M, could she? No, of course not.

"Baby, just wait a few minutes, okay?" Candy dropped a few sticks of eyeliner, a tube of mascara, and two of her favorite lipsticks into the small metal container for her makeup, then shut and locked her locker. She turned around in Jack's arms to face him, then pushed up a bit to kiss his lips.

Candy loved to kiss and be kissed. There was something about that little electric shock of being as close as you can to someone without being seen as perverted that made her feel… alive. It was safe, and dangerous, and crazy, and tame, all at the same time.

"Missed me?" Jack asked with a smile as they pulled away. He had the satisfied smirk of a boy who'd just had sex with the entire cheerleading team.

Though that could possibly have something to do with the fact that he had done that every year since ninth grade.

"Baby, I saw you last night. We were out on your yacht, remember?" Candy would actually have been surprised if he remembered any of it. Jack had drank most of a bottle of Skyy Vodka, and proceeded to puke it up all of the side of his 40 foot ship. Candy couldn't hold her liquor either, but she never made the mistake of getting that drunk.

"Of course, but still, I missed you." Jack kissed Candy's neck, and put his fingers under her polo, on her bare hipbone. He rubbed his thumb over the small pink heart Candy had gotten tattooed one very drunk night in ninth grade. She and her friends

Candy giggled as a group of gawking freshman walked by. She loved the attention she received as not only being extremely rich and popular, but also for dating the most unattainable and gorgeous boy in all of SPHS. Jack Scott was the school's football quarter back and point guard for basketball. He was the overall "American Dream boy", and Candy had him wrapped around her pinky.

"Okay babe," Candy cooed to her boyfriend. "I'm gunna go to class now. See you at lunch!" Candy released herself from Jack's grip, and walked over to April and Megg.

"Let's go." April and Megg quickly finished up at their lockers, and the girls walked down the hall to class.

As they walked, Candy noticed a hush fall over the hall. Her keen and trained ears could hear the whispers though, and they were all saying "new kid."

SPHS hadn't had a previously unannounced new kid in years. Any time there was going to be a new kid, someone knew, and everyone found out. It was always a rich kid, whose parents loved the quiet and relaxed lifestyle of Southern California. St. Peter's Valley had everything you ever needed. It was a gated community, with a grocery store, ice cream shop, and small chopping center (only stocked with designer brands, of course), St. Peter's Valley was a haven for rich adults and spoiled children, all on their way to or equipped with Ivy League diplomas. All of the wives met for tea, and had book clubs, because that was the sophisticated thing to do. They gossiped like mad though, so it was incredible that no one had been warned about this new student.

Candy was intrigued, and walked up to a small group of sophomore boys. "Who's the new kid? All of the boys froze, and looked at Candy none of them had been graced by her voice before.

"Well, out with it!"

A small boy with glasses spoke up "Her name is Rianne. Apparently she's from Wisconsin. Her dad is some huge contractor." Candy nodded, then continued walking.

"A new girl? This should be fun. We didn't get any new kids last year," said Megg. She was always on the look out for girl that she could either add to their clique, or rip to shreds.

"Yeah, I know! God, hopefully she's cool SPHS has had a serious lack of cool kids recently," April added. April and Megg were walking behind Candy, and stopped themselves right before hitting her.

"That's the new girl?" Megg said with disgust.

The girl was at her locker, taping up pictures of her and her friends. She had long, wavy black hair, and had light blue eyes. She pushed her black plastic frames up her nose, and continued to put up pictures, taking no notice of the girls staring at her.

Candy was immediately enticed. She didn't know what it was, but there was something about Rianne that just… drew her in. It certainly wasn't any similarity between the girls. Rianne was shorter and curvier than Candy, and their fashion sense was on complete opposite ends of the spectrum. Candy dressed by a strict code of polos, tank tops, tight jeans, and miniskirts. Pink was the color she most desired to wear. Rianne… Rianne was wearing a red tube-top under a hunter green oxford shirt, black board shorts, and boys skate shoes. Candy thought she looks a bit like a boy, in fact, but there was something about her that just looked so feminine… and captivatingly stunning.

Candy blinked a few times. What was she thinking? More importantly, WHY was she thinking it? Her heart started to beat a little faster, and her stomach felt a bit funny.

"What a loser; those shoes aren't even brand name." April said, huffing and crossing her arms over her lilac polo.

"I know! And what is she wearing anyway?" Megg agreed. "Those look like boys clothes."

"She's just so…" Candy was at a loss for words. There was nothing she could say that could fully encompass the feeling she had towards this girl, Rianne. "beautiful," she whispered under her breathe.

"What?" April asked.

"Freakish, duh." Candy flipped her hair. "Come on; we have class. Let's go." Candy walked past Rianne in the hallway, and turned into her English room. She did this so quickly that she missed when the short girl looked at her.