Chapter 15 – Relief Next To Me

Candy pulled into the school parking lot. The three girls got out of the car, and started walking towards the school. On a whim, Candy grabbed Rianne's hand. Something about Rianne made her feel calm and safe. She was a bit nervous about what holding Rianne's hand in front of people, but at the same time, it made her feel better.

Rianne looked at her, a little shocked, but didn't let got of her hand. April sighed.

"Must you guys be doing PDA's already?" April asked.

"Yes, " Candy said as the girls approached her locker. Candy let go of Rianne's hand to open her locker. As she did, Jack came around the corner.

"Hey babe," he said, wrapping her arms around Candy's waist and kissing her neck. He completely ignored Rianne.

"Please get off," Candy asking, turning around a pushing Jack away. "You're a great guy Jack, but I can't do this anymore. We've had more affairs than either of us can remember, and it's just not worth it. I'm sorry. We're over."

Jack looked at Candy with astonishment. His shock turned quickly to anger. "You're gunna pay for that Candy," he whispered, then walked away.

"Woooah," April said, eyes wide. "Way to handle that one…"

"Oh well, it was all true. He can deal with it." Candy took her books out of her locker, and put them into her backpack. She turned around, and only April was there. "Where's Rianne?"

April looked around. "I don't know. I guess she took off."

In first period, Candy sent a text message to Rianne on her phone,

where did you go?

Rianne replied quickly,

class. i can't believe you were still with him, and you were confessing your love for me.

Candy sighed, the wrote back,

i'm sorry ri, i wasn't trying to hurt you. i just completely forgot about him.

Rianne's reply took longer that time,

was that supposed to make me feel better? if we were together, would you forget about me too?

Candy was taken back,

ri, i could never forget about you. you're what made me forget about jack.

Rianne didn't reply.

- - - -

Candy didn't see Rianne again until lunch. She was still sitting with the kids that Candy referred to as losers. Candy was tempted to wait until after lunch to talk with Rianne, but she knew that sitting at her usual table was out of the question. Because of that, she picked up her tray and walked over to the table Rianne was at.

Almost the entire school stared as Candy went to sit with the very kids she had ridiculed and made fun of for the past twelve years. When she sat down, everyone at the table glared at her, except for Rianne, who suddenly became very interested in her mashed potatoes.

"What do you want?" one of the kids asked her rudely. Candy wasn't sure, but she thought his name was Ted.

"To sit and eat my lunch," Candy halted. "and talk to Rianne."

Rianne looked up at Candy. "What do you have to say?"

"That I still…" Candy paused, unsure of whether or not to go on. She gave in, knowing that soon enough, everyone would know anyway. "That I still love you. Just because I didn't break up with Jack, that doesn't prove anything. I've broken up with him now, that's what matters. I want to be with you, not him." Everyone at the table stared at her in wide eyed shock.

She seems to be shocking a lot of people, recently.

Without waiting to think it through better, Rianne nodded. "Okay. Okay, you're right, I shouldn't have reacted like that. I know you love me, and you want to be with me." Rianne noticed the looks of shock on everyone's face. "What?" she asked, curiously.

"Nothing," they all said.

Rianne didn't look convinced. "Umm… sure. Anyway, Candy, this is Todd," That's his name! Candy thought. "Jenny, Alex, and Darla."

"We've met," Alex said, coldly. When he told Candy about his crush on her in grade nine, she laughed at him every time she saw him for the next week.

"If I just told everyone I was sorry now, would that do any good?" Candy asked. She smiled innocently.

"You made fun of my name since we were in Pre-K together," Darla said. Candy remembered also making fun of her for frizzy hair, which she had since learned to tame, and her crooked teeth, which she had clearly had braces on. "I don't think a sorry will cut it Candy," she said.

"I know," Candy started.

"And you called me fat ass all through middle school," Jenny said. Candy noticed she'd lost a considerable amount of weight since then. "and you told everyone I was wearing a bra because I was pregnant, and getting pregnant makes your boobs grow."

"Well, technically, it does" Candy started again. Rianne kicked her. "But I still shouldn't have said that! I know, it's the very least I can do, but I'm truly sorry. Consider forgiving me?"

Todd looked around. "I think we'll consider it."

Candy smiled. "Thank you," Candy said. There, she was in the process of making new friends already. She didn't need Megg, and Jack, and the rest of her old clique. She could do this.

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