This is a second preview of the Lost God, Enjoy.

"Un-authorized warp tear bearing 2-3-2 by 0-1-9!" Called a lieutenant from the sensor pit of the Stars Gaze. The Stars Gaze, a blockade class border patrol station, drifted through the vastness of space near where the borders of the U.S.S. and the Federation had existed for centuries.

"Power point defenses and launch close defense craft, Comm. Put me through the all ships channel." Barked Colonel Jansen, acting officer of the Stars Gaze.

"On line sir"

"Unidentified crafts, this is Colonel Luke Jansen, Commander of the Stars Gaze, you are entering United Sovereign Solidarity territory halt all forward motion and state your business."

As they looked through the Plasteel veiwport the rupture grew and two Emperor Class battle cruisers streaked through and began to lance the station with prow rays and missiles. The station rocked and swayed, the lights dimmed and warning klaxons sounded.

"Sir! Hull breaches sections eight through ten! Decks E through G!"

"All hands to battle stations! This is not a drill, repeat this is not a drill! Damage control parties priority decks E through G! Launch our strike bombers and get a link up with command"

"Sir we've got more ruptures inbound! Bearing 2-3-2 by 0-1-7! And 0-2-1"

As Jansen looked toward the where the new ruptures were about to take place, he noticed a single flare of light and realized to late that it was the braking flare of a missile headed for the command center.

Admiral Ben Nalts sat in his command chair of the Emperor class battle cruiser the New Hope and watched as a missile struck home and disabled the feeble patrol station.

"Comm, link to command and let them know that were in"