Tepid rain.

Have you ever fallen in love with someone

who would never fix eyes on you?

I guess you know how I feel

I'm ignoring this pain that eats me

but it's not means I don't care

only I think time will heal it.

Meanwhile I look at you and

I hope you to say something

know you like that song

but I don't know what to talk to you

are you aware of my love?

the silence is so awkward...

If I say I like you too

would you stay with me?

if somebody says "let's escape"

how long would last this?

I throw off the umbrella

and I stand under the rain

don't believe I can catch a cold

plus every raindrop is tepid like

an unexpected kiss and a false surprise...

Yesterday was a sunny day

I felt happy yesterday

I was going to confess my love

you asked me for who I loved, didn't you?

wait for me in the coffee where we bumped

I may be late but I'll get to see you with her...

Don't mind to know why we're not together

at least love me for some minutes..

The rain is tepid and the tears are cold

I wonder why you pretended to love me

the rain is tepid 'cause the sun can't stop its shining

among the gray clouds.