Like Romeo and Juliet,

But worse,

Because we want each other,

So badly,


We're not from rivaling families,

We're just too far away.


I'm Juliet,

And I want you to be my Romeo,

But you told me to find someone closer,

And I kindly agreed,


Telling you I'll be alright,

And that you should do the same…


We'll never be able to touch each other softly or affectionately,

Give our kisses and hugs in the rain,

(Is that what you really want?),

Hold hands,

Walk side by side,

Do what we want to do,

Talk to one another,

Gaze into each other's beautiful, love-stricken eyes,

Say we'll always be together,

Or those three magic words,

"It's never gonna work."

I've got it now.



It's destroying me,

I want you so much,

More than everything that I've ever wanted in the whole world,

I would give anything to be with you…


I'm confused to what you're feeling,

Because you won't reveal to me,


Distance is killing this.


I just wish that,

The "Maybe's,

Would have been,



Just different circumstances,

And this maybe could have worked.


Why does it have to be this way?

Why do I always have the worst of luck?

Something that follows me,

Like a dark,

Rainy cloud of doom.


I'll never get anyone as good as you,

You'll deny it,

Being the sweet guy you are,

Tell me I'm beautiful,

Even though we've never met,

Tell me all the things that I want to hear,

From your sweet lips to my eager ear.


There's no use even trying now,

You're persistent this will never work,

And I feel like such an idiot,

Bringing this up.


This stupid topic,

That'll this will never pan out,

Why did I ever bring it up?

Is it going to push us farther apart?


What do you feel?

Do you want to take a risk?

Or just play it cool?

End it all?

Or make it all better?


I could say so many other things,

But I don't know if you feel the same way,

So I'm not going to take the leap,

If you're not going to catch me…

(Or will you?)


All I know,

Is that you're unattainable from this distance.