I exhaled and I suddenly realized it's all connected. Nine-eleven, anaconda, desert storm, world wars, mega churches, murder, hate, love, despair, poverty, death, life, love, joy, marijuana, music, hate, Bush, Saddam, Kim, Hitler, Jesus, Washington, and me. And everyone. Like shattering glass, spider-webbing out from an unknown, unimportant center, we are all connected by thin and transparent lines.

At every moment, someone is born and someone is dying. Someone is crying while someone else is laughing themselves to tears. Someone somewhere is killing while another is making love. Pain and pleasure. Love and hate. And it's all part of the world we live in.

For a flickering, fleeting moment, I can see it all. Everyone. Everything. And I know everything. I understand everything. Perhaps I am everything.

And it goes away before my next hit.