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Title: Tragic Play: X

Author: Melissa

Genre: Horror/Angst/Romance/Fantasy/Spiritual/Action/Adventure/Drama/Psychological

Rating: T verging on M

Pairings: HETERO/Possible SLASH (BXB)

Warnings: Dark themed, Violence, Minimal Cursing, Adult Situations, Minimal Nudity. Possible Slash- Does this mean there will be with out a doubt? No. It depends on how both I and the readers feel. There is a character of questionable preference but it's a delicate balance of things that would have to set it off.

Summary: HETERO/POSSIBLE SHOUNEN-AI. We are all puppets, dancing to the strings of fate and quite literally in the tragic land of X. Can one captive stop the puppetry of it's people? Or will she do nothing more then purge them further into despair?


Tragic Play:


By: Melissa Norvell



'Throughout time, there have been many famous thieves who have managed to pull off unbelievable heists.' A gloved hand, small, slender and elegant picked up what seemed to be a simple pile of cards and held them up to the sunlight. As the rays caught them, the cards reflected the light, bouncing off of them with brilliance only metal could give off.

'I have been waiting so long to be like them. I want to be infamous in all aspects and known throughout the land as one of the most feared thieves who have ever lived, but I must admit…' A small, feminine figure said as she walked over to a mirror. She had long, thick hair with long bangs, which shaded her eyebrows and large, poofy locks of hair that were cut straight across by her ears. They looked as if they came from a makeup brush and were a blood red in coloration as was the rest of her hair. Her eyes were large, round and expressive, being dark green in coloration. This girl looked to be in her mid-teens and was of thin form. She wore what appeared to be a stage costume that resembled a fancy court jester. She possessed a black top that was strapless and curved around each of her small breasts. It was form-fitting and tapered down into two points that extended to the top of her thighs as well as two tails in the back, which were a bit longer and extended to mid-thigh. Beneath that she wore a poofy skirt of sorts that was red and white in coloration and socks that were mid-thigh and white with a small trail of red and black diamonds down the sides. On her hands were white gloves, which also possessed the diamond pattern and on her feet were shoes, shiny and black. They looked like dress shoes with small heels and one strap that wrapped around the ankle, tied in a medium-sized bow in the front.

"I do have several aspects against me." The girl spoke, her tone undeniably feminine as she sighed in defeat at her own thoughts. "I'm only 16 but I've already mode quite the name for myself- the infamous thief…Queen of Diamonds!" She smiled.


The Queen of Diamonds now stood outside of a barren-looking world. The land was completely free of any type of plant and any trees that were to be found were now leafless. It was a dull place with ever-present grey clouds. There were so many of them that it looked like a layer of thick smog and the air was a moderate temperature. If nothing else, the breeze was constant. The gentle wind, rocks, hard dirt and few houses were all ever-present forms. Life was scarce- people and otherwise.

The girl stood upon one of the larger rocks as the air toyed with her hair, causing it to dance in the breeze to an unheard melody in time. She looked over the town sight before her and recognized it as a town with a bad reputation.

"I've heard of this place," She said to no one but herself, "a land simply known as "X". No one knows the real name of this town but many things are rumored to have happened there. They say that many deaths occurred here and that this town is a cursed place that those who are banished to never return… no one knows what happened to them in the process." She paused and began to walk through the desolate town before speaking again.

"This place is mysterious, dark and just waiting to be discovered. It's like a pile of riches- just waiting to be stolen and I'll bet anything, "she smiled with both anticipation and artfulness, "that it has loads of cash and precious artifacts just ripe for the taking. If I can steal something from X, then I'll be the most famous thief around. Queen of Diamonds will rule the Kingdom of Thievery! This will definitely be my greatest heist yet…but…Not only do I have to recover something from it, I have to shed some light on this place by being the only one who's ever come back from it and lived to tell the tale."

Her eyes scanned through what appeared to be a small village. There were several small houses, dingy and drab looking. They also all looked similar in structure, not being able to hold more than two of three people and they looked as if they had been uninhabited for a while.

As something seemed to catch her eye, she stopped and gazed up at a large cliff. A top of the cliff was an old black castle that was very strange in design. It looked as if it had old Victorian, Modern Art and Da Vinci Weaponry influences. The main part was at least 6 stories high and was composed of a giant rectangle with only four small windows that were all on the 5th floor and spaced on both right and left hand sides of the castle. It had massive wooden doors that seemed to swing open. To the left side was a round tower that was reminiscent of fairytales and only had one window at the top. Behind it however, was a very grim and disturbing weapon that was composed of a round circle with several long blades that resembled the end of a sword protruding from it. This giant object spun in the wind, much like a windmill or wind generator. It was very haunting and sent a sense of unease through anyone who looked at it long enough. Everything at the very edge to the left was a completely different story. It was very beautiful and made of long stalks of metal which were curled down. There were three of them and all added a touch of beauty to the building.

The whole place gave the thief a mix of feelings that she wasn't sure on how to place but she ignored all of it, for her curiosity and determined nature overshadowed any uncertainty in her heart. A white-gloved finger pointed to the castle. "I'll start by journeying to that castle. Here I go!" The red-haired girl smiled as she took off through town, running at a fast pace as she hopped effortlessly on to one of the nearby roofs. She leapt from roof to roof quickly and with ease, as she made her way towards the large castle on the cliff.

After she got half way through the village and seeing that she'd not even advanced but a small distance, she looked around to see nothing but roof tops and a large area of land in front of her. 'It seems that this castle is farther away then I thought…Guess it'll just take me longer to get there. No matter, sometimes it's worth the wait! Besides, if no one notices me, then it'll be worth it.' The girl thought, her excitement causing her to become giddy and let out a small giggle as she hopped by some old ruins that looked as if they had some sort of old Greek influence.

There was one column that was standing of what looked like an old church. A top of this pillar set a tall male, thin in form with dark blue hair. His hair was short and his bangs were long and parted to the side. His blue hair was shaggy and atop the side of his head was half of what looked like a simple masquerade mask. It was tied with a black ribbon with a large black bow. His lazy, yet kind and distant eyes looked to the girl as he crossed his legs and folded his arms over his Victorian dress of a simple black shirt with white frills at the end of the arms and sash, tied at the neck. He said nothing as the infamous thief shot past him. He wondered if she even noticed that he was there.


Sitting beneath one of the large, barren trees, a small girl who was very lean was sitting with her knees bent and legs thrown out to either side was positioned who looked about 14 in age. She had pale skin and dressed in a simple black button up shirt and short black skirt that was buttoned up the front. Only half of the buttons buttoned on both pieces of clothing. Her hair was long and straight, jet black in color and pulled into two high-set ponytails on either side of her head. They were tied with large red ribbons, fastened into bows. Her hair flowed in what looked like a stream down to the ground where they drug a good two feet in the dirt when she was standing. Since this child was sitting, her hair looked like black snakes on the ground. Her eyes were two different colors, the right a pitch black and the left a silver. Her arms were outstretched, holding a giant black orb made of a foggy, unearthly substance.

This girl seemed to be paying very close attention to the orb, almost as if she was communicating with it.

"I see," She spoke, her voice a little deep for her age and very calm, "I can hear your distress. If you come with me then I can take you to see someone who may be able to help you in your current situation. She is-huh?" The girl was cut off in mid-sentence, turning her head as a pair of black heels made a clack in the ground, landing only a few feet away from her. "Who are you?"

"I'm looking for that castle I saw." The Queen of Diamonds spoke, looking to the girl who was still sitting on the ground, holding the black orb and looking to her in question.

"You mean the Hall of the Mosquito King?" The pig-tailed girl questioned simply.

"The what?" The thief asked, thrown off by the 'mosquito' part. That was something completely random for a king to be called a mosquitoe just plain gave her the creeps. She'd rather not think of that minor detail.

"The Mosquito King," the black-haired girl responded. "He rules all of X. He usually informs us of all those who enter this land but he hasn't told us about you, or even that anyone was coming. Did you get lost and wander into this land?"

The thief couldn't help but notice that this strange girl's eyes were two different colors. The more she looked at the other young female, the more she felt entranced by her dual-colored eyes. "Your eyes…" the Queen of Diamonds uttered.

"What about them?" The girl blinked in response.

"They are two different colors." The red head stated, her voice seemed distant and detached a little.


The thief blinked a little her body made a small jolt, as if it were reminding her of her true objective. "Oh, never mind it. I've got to get to that castle! Time is wasting!" The spunky girl said, giving a polite wave and running off as she soon came to another house and began roof hopping once more.

"But I haven't told you where the castle is-"the black-haired girl attempted to stop her with words but they simply vanished in the wind as the thief soon disappeared into the grey skies.

'Who was that girl?'


The Queen of Diamonds stood only a few feet from the massive wooden doors of the castle as she stared at the very thing she'd spent hours of roof-hopping and running through the seemingly endless town to get to. Her legs were in a little bit of pain but to her it was well worth it to get in this close.

"Finally, I've made it!" She beamed, happy with her accomplishments. "So this is the hall of…Whatever kind of king he is. All I have to do is infiltrate, steal and escape and I'll be home free! Here I come, your majesty! Expect a special greeting from the Queen of Diamonds!" The thief announced, ready to begin her second task- entering the castle and getting her hands on any artifact that would bring about the light on the mysterious town of X.

At times, curiosity can be considered the root of all evil…

To Be Continued…

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