The high, imposing mountains were covered in a large forest of pines. A flash of red, amongst the trunks. A boy, with a rucksack, slowly making his way up one of the great pines. He was searching for something. Something he knew should be there. His name was Theron, and he was the bravest boy in the whole village. He had fought tigers, eagles and bears. He had climbed the tallest tree and he was now looking for the one answer he had never found. The one that meant so much to him.

For all his life Theron had been telling himself stories, real or imagined, it didn't matter. He lived in a world of fantasy, daydreaming in class and fighting monsters at break. He didn't know how to do anything else. Living with his mum, his dad having died when he was little, he was often alone. He made up characters to keep him company, to talk to. He went on imaginary adventures to far off lands to escape the boring reality of life. His mother was often drunk and he felt isolated from the normal pace of school, not being able to read well did not help.

Theron was often left at home to make his own dinner; and sometime for the weekend, whilst his mum went partying. He knew that he would never have a normal life, resigned himself to that fact. No one like him could ever expect to be clever at school, good at sport, liked by everyone. He couldn't even have a pet. So he made up stories, never out loud or written down, just in his head, ones no one could take from him.

He had thought often of running away, and had done so plenty of times in his stories, but as soon as he was ready to go, his mum would invariably come back and he would forget. But this time was different: his mum had been gone for a whole week. She had never been gone that long before. He knew that this was going to be his only opportunity. He had packed a bag, food, clothes, money, and took the bus to London centre. He thought about where to go and decided that Charring Cross sounded as good a place as any, so on the tube he went.

The excitement of running away soon wore off and after missing the station for Charring Cross, because of the crowds; Theron decided that he wanted to go home. He wanted his mum. The train ground to a halt, but there was no station in sight. The carriage suddenly shook violently and everybody was thrown to the floor. The screaming was terrible. Then the far end of the train exploded.

Theron woke up. He was, well he didn't actually know. He could hear voices, but see no one. They were talking loudly, calling. He tried to speak but the words would not come. A shaft of light shone into his face, he could feel breath on his cheek and a person asking him if it hurt too much. He floated into blackness once more.

The next time he opened his eyes everything was bright white, the ceiling and floor, the walls and also his clothes. He thought he must be in heaven and therefore dead. However, he noticed a window to his side and that he was lying in a bed. A doctor walked through a door, previously un-noticed, and seemed surprised that Theron was awake. He had been asleep for several days and they had not know if he would wake.

Apparently he had been very ill and the train explosion had added to the list of injuries. The doctor started to explain that his mum was waiting outside, but he would not be allowed home for some time. But Theron was too tires to work out what he was implying and started to imagine.

Theron stayed in a childrens' hospital for 6 months, slowly regaining his health. Although his mum had never explained, he had known he was different, but not that ha had dyslexia and that he was not allowed to do sports because he had a heart condition. His mother had not had the money, and was often too drunk, to take Theron to a hospital where he could have been helped. It had almost been lucky that he had been in the train when it exploded. The doctors had sorted out his heart to keep him alive. The very act of running away had saved his life and Theron found that he did not need to keep his stories to himself any longer. He had had his own adventure and the staff at the hospital helped him write it out. Theron had found some answers, perhaps not the exact ones he wanted, but answers anyway.