Chapter Six

It has been a week since Tatyana's final confrontation with her adopted family. After Pedro's and Jose's bodies were discovered, her younger brother, 13-year-old Ramon Rodriguez, went to live with his grandmother in Mexico. He was the only one who never abused her. He is a shy and quiet, five-foot-three-inch boy with dark brown hair and light brown eyes. When the police asked him about Tatyana, he stated that she had ran away a few nights earlier. He also revealed the abuse that she was put through for those 11 years. Tatyana had sent a letter to him confirming that she found a good family and is being well taken care of. She wished him luck and lots of love. When the letter was given to the police, all searches for her had ceased. She is truly free to stay with the men for as long as she wants. For as long as she lives. Forever.

It has been over a week since that bastard son got away with that treasure. But the preparations Dominick and Keril were making were near completion. Alliances were being drawn and their battalion was gathering. Soon, very soon, Dominick would be rid of that bastard child. And he will have his woman. The delicious desire to hear her screaming his name and begging for her life nearly drove him madder. The lust to feel her hot skin warm his. To feel her sweet blood flow down his throat. It urged him on. He yearned to have her. And he will have her. Yes. Very soon.

It is mid Tuesday and Tatyana is wearing nothing but a sports bra and short, workout shorts. She is in the training room with Damien and Sasha. The men wanted to teach her how to fight in case she was put into a situation where she was forced to defend herself. She learns how to stay calm in tight situations and how to meditate from Michael. Marius teaches her agility and speed. Along with physical training in the workout room. Damien is the one who teaches her grappling moves and hand-to-hand combat. It's very difficult training with Damien. He's a whole foot taller than her and he doesn't go easy. But that's why she enjoys it. If she faces a real enemy, they wont go easy on her. Damien wants her to be prepared for anything and she understands that.

As they train, Damien puts Tatyana in different holds and teaches her how to get out of them. The best advantage she has is her size. Because Damien is so muscular and Tatyana has a small figure, she can easily wriggle out of his holds. Every training session, she is able to find a new way to counter attack. Yet every time she sees an opportune moment to knock him down, he flips her and pins her to the ground. She always laughs at how good he is. At the end of today's training session, she finally pins him to the floor. Sasha barks at her victory and she smiles, but then Damien simply picks her up, flips her over, and pins her back. Sasha starts whimpering at the defeat - with his paw over his eyes - like he always does. Sasha is always with her in the training room. In fact, he never leaves her side at all when she is in the house.

"Vell, I zink zat's enough for now," Damien says as he smiles with triumph. Tatyana just rolls her eyes as she smiles back. She knows that she'll never be able to beat him. He has too many years of experience over her. "Let's go get somezing to drink," he suggests as he helps her up.

Tatyana, Damien, and Sasha walk into the kitchen. Michael is already getting them drinks. Since it's the daytime, Marius is asleep.

Tatyana's sweat glistens in the sunlight coming through the kitchen window causing Michael to blush mildly. He's never really seen her during training with Damien and she has a different outfit for each training style. With Damien it's the sports bra and shorts. For Michael, it is a comfortable uniform styled much like that of karate students with loose flowing pants and a robe top. The one she wears when training with Marius looks like a ninja outfit; tight flex pants, a net shirt, and a robe vest. Michael hands Tatyana and Damien glasses of water and the three of them talk about today's training.

"So I take it that Tatyana has been getting better?" Michael asks Damien. Tatyana sits on the floor playing with Sasha and giving him some water in a dish.

"Much better. She learns from each session. Pretty soon, she might even beat me," Damien says. A bit of sarcasm in his voice.

"Well, I wouldn't doubt it, Damien. She's learning from all three of us," Michael says with a little chuckle. They both look at Tatyana while her attention is focused towards Sasha. Soon, their smiles slightly fade in thought as they remember what Marius said about her not being human. About not having the blood of a human.

Tatyana can feel their stares and she knows what they are thinking about. She knows that she is not normal but she doesn't know what makes her different. "I want to go to Russia," she state as her eyes are still on Sasha. The Angel and Demon look at her in a bit of surprise. "I know I have no leads or many memories of my life before I came to America but I would still like to try and find out exactly where I come from. Who I am." She looks at the guys with hopeful eyes and they can't help but smile.

"Okay. Well go this weekend," Michael says. Tatyana just gives him a big smile and go back to playing with Sasha. After another hour or so, she thanks the men and goes upstairs to her room. Sasha is so tired that he quickly falls asleep on her bed. Tatyana draws a bath and slips in. Her muscles are sore from training and the hot water feels so good and relaxing.

She stays in the tub for a little over an hour just letting the warmth soak into her body. By the time she got out, it was already dusk. She slips on a new nightgown that Marius had gotten for her. It is a blood red silk gown with black lace strapping the back and a matching pair of black lingerie panties. "Hmph, I can see why he got me this. That pervert," she says giggling as she looks in the mirror. The nightgown only goes down to her waist exposing her gorgeous legs. It's a spaghetti strap and has a low cut so it shows off her cleavage. This thing hardly covers anything, she thinks as she continues looking at herself. As a matter of fact, her hair covers more of her body than that outfit does. Then she smirks devilishly as she gets an idea. She knows that Marius would be in the living room talking with the other two at this time so she headed down there.

As she walks down the stairs, indeed she can hear the three men talking. "Well, I suppose we'll have to ta-" Marius stops in the middle of his sentence as Tatyana walks into the room. All the men just sit there and gawk at her.

"Oh, you can keep talking," Tatyana says with great amusement on her part. She walks in and sits on the couch next to Marius. Marius and the others remain looking at her. Checking out her whole figure. And yes, they can see her figure. The gown hugs her body so well. "Now, Marius. How can you look so surprised? You are the one who picked this out for me, remember?" she says with her innocent smile.

"Huh? Oh, yes. The gown. Um, it looks very lovely on you. Doesn't it Michael?"

"Uh, yes. Very lovely. Right Damien?"

"Ja, extremely," Damien states, ending the roundabout complements. He seemed to have blushed a little when he spoke. That just made her grin even more. It was fun for her to make Damien show soft emotions.

"Well, thank you very much. I quite like it myself. Now what were you saying before?" she asks with a quizzical invite for Marius to continue talking. He has to kind of think back to what he was saying before she walked in.

"Oh, yes. I was suggesting that you be taken shopping tomorrow so you can get some appropriate clothing for the trip," Marius states as Tatyana's eyes light up.

"Well, that's a great idea. Damien can take her downtown tomorrow afternoon. I'm sure she'll have a great time," Michael says with a cheerful yet slightly sad smile.

"You are not going, Michael?" she asks questioningly.

"No. I'm afraid I have a previously scheduled rendezvous. You see, me brother is coming back from Sanctity for a meeting. I have to visit with him and discuss some important information. After that, I have a few more meetings with other people as well," he discloses with some nostalgic gleam to his eyes when he mentioned his brother.

"I didn't know you had a brother. Will I be able to meet him tomorrow?" Tatyana asks a little curious with a glint of anticipation in her expression.

"Of course you can," Michael says with a smile. After she spoke with them for a little longer, she finally decided to get some sleep. She walks upstairs to her room and slinks into bed. She is restless with the thoughts of tomorrow's events. Not only does she get to go clothes-shopping for the trip to her homeland, but she also gets to spend the day with Damien. The only alone-time she and Damien spend together is during training with little talking. Of course, he doesn't really talk much anyway. Plus, to top it all off, she actually gets to meet Michael's brother. During her discussion earlier, she had learned that Michael's brother, whose name is Gabriel, is older and they haven't seen each other for many years. Gabriel has been working in Sanctity, otherwise known as Heaven, doing many tasks that have kept him away for a long time. Though the thought of meeting him was practically unbearable to wait for, she still wondered why he was coming. The way Michael had said it - "I have to visit with him and discuss some important information" - made her contemplate if what they are discussing has to do with Michael's being on Earth. What was the reason? After a while of delegation, she finally drifted off to sleep.

The next morning came and Tatyana was as excited as a child at Christmas. She hops out of bed so fast, Sasha nearly fell off. She runs to her restroom, takes a shower, brushes her teeth and hair, and goes to her walk-in closet to find something to wear. She wants something casual but nice looking. She decides on a pair of low rise, firm fitting flare jeans, a silky light-blue spaghetti strapped shirt, and a pair of dress-sandals. For accessories, she settles on the blue charm-bracelet that was given to her by Michael and a pair of dangling, silver cross earrings. She puts her hair up in a half-bun, letting the end-half of her hair hang freely. "So? What do you think?" she asks Sasha. He barks in delight with the ensemble. She smiles at him. "Why, thank you, Sasha. Now why don't we go get something to eat?" she suggest as he joyfully jumps off the bed and follows her out of her room, along the hall, down the stairs, through the first floor rooms, and into the kitchen where Damien is already preparing breakfast. He is always the one cooking the meals in the house and it still surprises her how good of a cook he is. A warrior with a little class. Always seems so poetic when she thinks about it. Such a gentle giant. Not many of those around, nowadays.

"Good morning, Tatyana. Breakfast vill be ready soon," Damien says with a smile as she walks through the door. She smiles widely and nods her head appreciatively. She walks in and sits at the table. Sasha runs over to his doggy-dish where Damien has already put out some food for him.

"So, when is Michael's brother supposed to be here?" she asks while smiling at Sasha as he munches out on breakfast.

"Ah, he is here. He arrived a little before you got up. Zat is vhy Michael is not down here," Damien answers as he places a plate of food in front of her. She smiles excitedly and waits for him to sit down before she starts eating. He prepared some pancakes, scrambled eggs, sausage, bacon, and orange juice. A great feast in the eyes of a girl who used to only have toast and water for breakfast.

During breakfast, Damien and Tatyana talk about where he is going to take her to shop. The place they are going is actually a store that is owned by Marius. The best part about it is that Marius called ahead. The personnel are expecting them and they will have the whole store to themselves. She happily finishes her food and stands up. "Where is Michael at?" she asks as she puts her dirty plate away in the dishwasher.

"I zink he and Gabriel are in ze main library going over some documents," he answers as he puts his plates away also and starts up the now full dishwasher. "Ve vill be leaving around noon so you have a few more hours to yourself," Damien states as she thanks him and walk out to greet Michael.

Tatyana walks up to the third floor library with the puppy following close behind. As she was told, Michael is in there looking through some files on the corner desk. Next to Michael is a man who looks just like him, only older. He has the same dirty-blonde hair but is a lot longer than Michael's, about to his mid back, and is pulled back into a loose ponytail. He is about six-foot-three-inches and is wearing a white dress shirt and a pair of loose white pants. Kind of like the uniform pants she wears when training with Michael.

Before Tatyana can knock, Sasha races in to jump on Michael's lap and starts licking him. "Well, hello there Sasha," Michael says with a laugh. "Well, I guess that means that Tatyana is here also," he says as he looks in her direction. All the men know that she and Sasha are never far apart.

"I'm sorry about that. He's just a little too hyper today," she says apologizing for the intrusion and Sasha's lick-attack.

"Oh, not at all. We just finished up. Actually, I was hoping you would come up here. Gabriel, this is Tatyana. Tatyana, this is me big brother, Gabriel," Michael introduces.

"It's very nice to meet you, Gabriel," Tatyana greets as she amiably bows in respect. Gabriel smiles at her, entranced at how his name rolls off her tongue from her accent. Sasha, who is now next to her, raises a playful paw as in saying hello to the newcomer.

"It's very nice to meet you as well," he says with an attractively thick Irish accent as he slightly bows his head, his bangs falling into his ocean blue eyes. "I was wondering when I would get to meet you. Michael told me a mesmerizingly beautiful girl was staying with him but I'm afraid his words are unable to measure up to your actual beauty." His sweet words cause her to blush almost immediately. "Well, little brother, I do believe you have found quite a rose in this crazy jungle." Michael smiles and nods in agreement with his elder brother.

"Thank you very much," Tatyana says as she softly curtseys to him. "I guess Michael gets it from you. Or do all Angels have a way with words?" she says with a shy grin. Though Gabriel looks a bit surprised.