Marryme, Michigan

Marry me, darling,
before it's too late.
Oh they're gonna...
they're gonna put rocks on our graves.

Water pressure, darling,
is kind of over-rated.
Oh I'm gonna...
I'm gonna
try to be afraid of.

Death-beds, darling,
are simply where one is dying.
Oh I'm scared...
I'm scared
I'll find you in the bathtub, lying.

Leaking, darling.
I tried towels to soak.
I'm not gonna...
I'm gonna
see if fingers float.

Marryme, darling
is a little know town.
I'm not going...
I'm going,
to see if I can't drown.

Choosing me, darling,
is a stupid idea.
Oh I'm gonna...
I'm gonna
white-out the fear.

Marryme River
is just like ceramic.
It used to be...
used to be
full of lovers and habits.

Marryme River
is a darling's pub.
Oh, I'm gonna drink...
I'm gonna drink
and prevent accidents in bathtubs.