Edited April 15, 2015

No Good Deed

Chapter 1: Random Blondes

Ryan woke up feeling no better than shit for the fourth Saturday in a row in mid September his first year of college. The eighteen-year-old stayed silent as he felt a warm body move next to him. Painfully opening one eye, Ryan got the tiniest bit of relief that he was, once again, not in his room. He crawled out of the bed carefully, leaving the blonde he had fucked the night before, and managed to quietly dress and collect his belongings in the barely breaking daylight. He tried to recall the girl's name as he silently left the room and noticed that the two names of the girls that lived in the room were Rebecca and Jessica. He recalled calling her Becky once or twice, or, at least he assumed it was that week's blonde.

Ryan found that he was impossibly far away from where he wanted to be on campus. Some how he had slept with a girl in ISR, while he lived in Forbes on the opposite side of campus. Ryan began the long walk, hoping he'd be in his own bed within half an hour. He had a raging headache, and he felt parched and ready to throw up from the alcohol he'd had the night before. He glanced at his phone with his light blue and saw that it was only 6:40 in the morning. Groaning, he ran his fingers through his brown hair.

Ryan Dolan was a handsome boy from Inverness, Illinois and attended college at the University of Illinois in Urbana-Champaign. He was just less than six feet tall, and he was lean, but strong. He had played football in high school, but had given it up when he was accepted into the engineering program. He spent his weekdays in class and doing homework, finishing in a timely manner so that he could hang with his friends, mostly from his hometown. However, as soon as he finished his dinner Friday nights, he became a stereotypical college kid, going to parties, drinking as much alcohol as he could get his hands on, making out with anything in a skirt, and usually waking up Saturday mornings in the room of a random blonde girl.

When he returned to Forbes, he walked into his room, stripped off his pants, swallowed a couple of aspirin, and fell face first onto his bed. A moment later, he heard the sounds of his roommate, Edgar White, better known as Poe, beginning to wake up. Ryan groaned and tried to block out all sounds and light to come.

Poe, just five feet seven inches, was a stick of a boy. He came from inner city of Chicago and was studying to get a degree for English and rhetoric secondary education. Aside from practically opposite areas of study, Poe and Ryan got along very well. Poe had an older sister (Jane and she was hot in Ryan's opinion) on campus and supplied the two with as much alcohol as they would pay her for and, while Poe wasn't one to get wasted, he would drink and could act outrageous. Apparently, unlike Ryan who had never had more than a sip of alcohol at a time until his first weekend on campus, Poe had some experience with drinking and could handle himself well.

"Where'd you end up last night?" Poe asked a few hours later when Ryan opened his eyes again. Poe had turned on his desk lamp and was reading one of his many English books. The bright light reflected off Poe's light skin and made his dark eyes really stand out.

"ISR," Ryan replied wiping the sleep from his eyes. He still felt sick, but not nearly as much as he had earlier. "Some girl named Becky, I think."

"Becky Harriston," Poe said. "She went to my school. You two left Jane's party together with a few other kids."

"I don't remember even leaving the party," Ryan said. Poe laughed and turned back into his book. Ryan looked at the clock, surprised that it was a quarter to eleven. "I'm going to shower."

"Bring you're key," Poe said. "I'm heading to Allen in fifteen minutes to meet with Perri."

"Who's Perri?" Ryan asked as he threw his clothes into his dirty laundry basket. He wrapped a towel around his hips and grabbed his toiletries tote.

"I met her at Illinites last week," Poe said, keeping his focus on his book as he was aware that Ryan was near naked. "I introduced you last night."

"Oh, that curvy brunette with the dark eyes and was wearing those tight jeans?"

Poe gave Ryan a quick glare. "That would be the one."

Ryan noticed the look his roommate was giving him. "That was a compliment on her looks," Ryan said. "Not my type. The blonde friend she was with was nice looking though."

"I believe Cindy had a boyfriend," Poe said, returning to his book.

When Ryan was finished bathing and brushing his teeth, a boy from a room down smirked at him. "Get some last night?"

"Don't I always?" Ryan asked after spitting the foam into a sink. "And before you ask, yes, she was blonde. Yes, she was hot. And, no, I don't plan on seeing her any time soon."

The other boy hollered and held his hand up for a high five that never came.

If one exited Forbes, or any of the six-pack dorms, and walked north, the first street one would reach would be Gregory. If that person were then to turn east and follow Gregory to the end, past Second through Sixth streets, the Main library, the Undergrad library, another few blocks on the Urbana side of campus, he or she would be at the corner of Gregory and Dorner, where the CRCE recreation center was, as well as Allen Hall. Allen Hall, as most students of the University of Illinois would tell you, is the dorm for hippies, artists, theater and band geeks, and just creative people in general. Living on the second floor of Allen Hall, in the forgotten corridor that the RA's room looked down, just next door to Poe's new friend Perri, lived Callista Schlesinger and Zoey Patterson. They, much like Ryan, were first year students that had attended Fremd High School. However, unlike Ryan, they hadn't live in Inverness, but rather in Palatine.

Zoey was Ryan's best, and only female friend. She managed to pull this off because, though she was incredibly good-looking, she was chaste and a brunette. Her family wasn't quite as rich as Ryan's, but she was still spoiled rotten. She was in the theater and music programs, and she was working to be an actress. Luckily for her, she was naturally talented in acting, singing, and dancing. Having been a star at Fremd in the school plays, as well as in the school's show choir and speech team, Zoey had a good application for the theater program before she even applied.

Callista, or Callie as she was called, had been in many of the same activities as Zoey, but didn't have the same aspirations for life as Zoey. Instead, Callie was in the rhetoric program with an emphasis in creative writing and used Allen Hall's programs for fun rather than because it was part of her education. When it came to Callie and Zoey, they were best friends, and had been since they met in the first grade when they were in the same jazz class. When it came to Callie and Ryan, they had been enemies since the day they met the first day of freshman year in high school. Ryan, who was used to girls always falling for him, had gone out of his way to flirt with her, only to discover that Callie, with her full red hair and sharp green eyes, was a full time feminist and did not take lightly to guys flirting shamelessly. She poured her milk over his head. He tried once to get her to beg him to forgive her (not that he would have, he just wanted her to suffer and be humiliated), by slyly allowing her to figure out his family was loaded (as she was just middle class) but he only discovered from that how much she despised those that acted like they were from the aristocracy.

At 11:05 AM that Saturday morning, Callie and Zoey were crawling out of bed after a night at Illinites, playing video games, seeing a hypnotist, dancing in a silent disco, and performing karaoke with a few other girls from their forgotten corridor. Unlike most of the other former Fremd students, they were not fans of massive amounts of alcohol and getting wasted every opportunity. There was a knock at their door.

"Hello?" Zoey asked opening the door and flipping a massive amount of her curls out of her face, if only for a moment. She was quite peppy considering she had stayed up until the sun began to peak up reading one of Callie's many books.

"Hey," Perri was standing in front of her. She looked a little pale. "Could I ask a favor of you? I would ask Cindy, but she's off with Ted."

"What's your request?" Zoey asked.

"I just woke up, and unlike you two, I need time to beautify myself," Perri said running a hairbrush through her straight brown hair. "But this guy I really like is coming in, like, five minutes, and I need someone to meet him downstairs so he doesn't think I'm ditching him."

Zoey smiled. "Sure, I'll go." She turned to Callie, who was on her Macbook writing already, as well as listening to the Wicked soundtrack. "And, Callie will stay here because she isn't paying attention to us at all."

"Sure I am," Callie said not turning from her computer or pausing her writing. "But, I'm in the zone and I look like crap because I forgot to take my make-up off last night."

"What make-up?" Zoey asked.

"The dark circles around my eyes are not from exhaustion, but from mascara," Callie said. "So, who are you meeting?"

"His name is Poe," Perri said. "He's, well, he's not the most handsome guy, but he's really cute." She fumbled with her phone for a moment and then showed a picture to Zoey.

"Okay," Zoey said. "Would you like me to bring him up here?"

"And see me like this?" Perri questioned, shaking her head vigorously to indicate 'no.' "Just don't, like, kill him."

"Or run off and marry him," Callie added.

A few minutes later, Zoey was on the front porch of Allen Hall and waiting for someone that looked like Poe's picture to arrive. When she saw the dark-haired boy, she smiled.

"Poe?" Zoey asked walking up to him.

"Uh, yeah," Poe said hesitantly. "And you are…?"

"My name is Zoey. Perri sent me here because she's not ready yet. Her alarm clock didn't wake her on time and she insists on perfecting herself, heaven knows why, she looked fine. So, your name is Poe?"

"Well, no. My name's Edgar. But, Edgar Allen Poe… and because I'm an English major."

"You know," Zoey turned her dark eyes up as she thought. "My friend has a roommate named Edgar. That's really funny. I mean, you probably don't know him, but does Ryan Dolan ring any bells?"

Poe laughed heartily for a moment. "That's my roommate."

"No way, really?" Zoey asked excitedly. "Are, you, like here for lunch with Perri?"

"I guess so," Poe said. "We hadn't exactly made specific lunch plans."

"Oh, I'm so going to call Ryan to come too," Zoey jumped and clapped her hands a few times. She then pulled out her iPhone and dialed Ryan's number.

Ryan was just pulling on a shirt when his phone began to ring. He grabbed his Andriod and saw Zoey's picture. While not good for alcohol, she was still good for a ridiculous amount of fun, assuming she didn't bring Callie along. "What's up, Zoe?"

"I just met your roommate," Zoey replied. He then heard a distant, "Say, 'hi,' Poe."

"Hello, Ryan," Poe's voice was there for a moment before Zoey was speaking again.

"Get your booty here for lunch, Ryan. We're all eating together."

"Is that a request or command?"

"Command. You have twenty minutes because that's when lunch opens."

Ryan laughed. "Sure. Just let me grab my rape whistle."

"Not even funny, Ryan. Hurry up." With that, Zoey hung up the phone.

Ryan laughed as he jumped into a pair of sneakers and grabbed his wallet and room key before walking out and locking the door.

So, that's the first edited chapter. More changes will come in chapters to come as this was mostly introductions. Oddly, it's a little shorter, as I took out redundant words and things that weren't necessary.