Eternity at its Finest

Let me implore my speech, and strengthen the volume of my words.
Take a moment to stop between the lips and read between the eyes.

I have both witty phrases, and sophisticated lines -
Upon the notions of such a fickle, fleeting feeling.

I can tell you that forever is within a grasp of the palms.
It is within a bird's eye view and comes within the shape of a smile.

Seconds will split, and minutes will become hours.
Still, here I will stand - fulfilled and content with the majesty of a swan.

I know that sentences spoken, actions committed and feelings felt are all just ruses to truths.
But I would like to believe that time is at a standstill when I simply exist within your view.
When the fibers of my body would rupture and shake.
When daily routines would no longer hold true to be a living chore.

I have come to realize the truth of it all - that nothing is forever.
Neither life nor thoughts, or the promises made and the steps you take.
What matters is not the sensations, nor the delicacy of the feelings.

The grandeur of it all comes from the simple fact that this moment is occurring.
That my words spoken are transmitted through your ears -
Processed within your head and etched into your mind.

Each drop of ink embedding with my admiration for you -
Every essence of this moment.
The simplicity of it all sculpts eternity at its finest.