Why do you bring me love?

So silently…

Then take it away?

In a blink of an eye…


Why did you make me so glad?

Then make me so sad?


I was falling for you,

Falling in love…



Love is stupid,

Love hurts.


Love should never happen to me,

I want to be gray and old,

With no one to hold,

No one to kiss me at night,

No one to hold me tight,

Tell me everything's alright.


It's okay,

I'll do those things myself,

Like I did anyways,

Every night when I was hurting…


Silent tears,

Heartbroken songs of whisper,

Whispers of tiny, never-to-be-true hopes inside my warm comforting bed,

Cradling myself,

Because there's no one to hold me,

Eventually falling asleep,

Because I can't take it anymore,



When I get to sleep,

My dreams are swirls of unreasonable meaning,

Some give me hurt,

Some leave me questioning…


I don't need anybody,

Nobody to be there,

I want to be cold from lack of touch,

Lack of love,

Lack of what everyone else has,

Because it's my fate,

My destiny.


Oooh, baby,

Don't say you're sorry,

Because you're not,

You're trying to make me feel just a little better about myself.


Don't tell me I'm beautiful,

Or special,

(Yeah, I'm special alright.),

Because those are all just lies,

Just to make me feel better,

About myself.


Why did you introduce him into my life?

Bring me into this rush,

This rush,

Of me longing for more,

Despite what you want.


This little fragile,

Now broken heart,

Thinks that love should never happen for her again.


It just ends in heartbreak and tears,

Longing and fears.


Things no one should ever have to feel,

But something I've felt twice before,

And I didn't think I'd have to experience this ache anymore,

But, I guess it's the kind of thing,

That I'm going to have for the rest of my life.


Well, until I get over you,

Which will never go away,

Not this easily.


Despite what you say,

My heart is calling out for a suture,

Desiring to be fixed again,

But, at the same time,

I want to wallop in this grief,

Never go through remission,

Of this heartbroken love ballad,

That I'm now singing,

Mellowing melody,


Inside my head,

Thinking about you.


Refusing to smile,

I'll make a fake one for you,

Just to make you think that I'm okay,


My heart will still be broken.