Are You There

As the lights flash

And the image appears in the glass

Disbelief fills my mind

Of the images I find

How can it be

You I see

For years have passed

Since I seen you last

Is it you I see

Or is it just me

Wishing for things

That aren't to be

Are you there

Watching and waiting

Wishing you can share

In all I do

Are you there

Wishing you could hold me

Just one more time

Are you there

Looking out for me

Not believing what you see

Are you cursing yourself a fool

For not staying home that day

You left never to be seen

Except there at last

In your coffin as you lay

Is the lights your sign

That your watching and waiting

Wishing to share

In things you can't

While cursing yourself a fool

For missing all you do