I knew I should not have, but I could not control myself. Seeing him again after all the years that have passed was too much for me to fully comprehend, and I knew that I needed to speak to him. After everyone in the castle was asleep, I crept down the cold, stone steps and hurried to the room where he was being held. As I quietly made my way through the dark hallways, I remembered when we first met...

We had been sixteen, and the summer lay ahead of us like it was neverending. The heat led us to spend most of our time in one of the lower rooms of the castle, where it was dark and cool. There we would read each other books and talk about anything and everything. It was in that dark castle room that I fell in love with Dorian.

Dorian was the son of a visiting Lord who my parents had known for many years. Lord Darwin and his son were staying with us for those two precious summer months in which I had nothing to do but laze about and enjoy my young life. While our parents were busy in meetings and parties, Dorian and I got to know each other. We became best friends quickly, learning that we had much in common with our lives.

The summer was beautiful, as was our love. When Dorian came into my life, so did sunshine and happiness. It was as though time was standing still around us as we simply enjoyed each other. The feeling of his arms around my waist in an embrace made me feel as though nothing in the world could possibly be better than that. Dorian was my love, and I his and it seemed nothing could ever take it away from us.

Near the end of the summer, a ball was given by my parents in my honour. All day was spent preparing, so I had hardly a chance at all to see my Dorian. In between hair and clothing appointments we would meet in the hallways to say a quick hello, but it was not enough. I realized that day that I needed to be with him forever.

The time for the ball arrived, but Dorian was nowhere to be found. I made my way across the room, my long gown sweeping the floor beneath me. My heels clicked on the hardwood, keeping in time with the music that kept the guests dancing. I found my parents and asked where he was, and was informed that he and Lord Darwin had left only moments earlier. Apparently, mine and Dorian's romance was not what either of our parents had in store for us. I had thought my parents only wanted my happiness, but evidently they cared more for money than their daughter. I gave them a piece of my mind, and then stormed out of the room, abandoning my guests.

I ran up the stairs to my bedroom, stepping on the hem of my dress and ripping it, and with tears running down my cheeks. I flung myself on the bed and cried as I had never cried before. I would never see Dorian again if our parents had anything to do with it. I simply could not believe that my parents could be so insensitive to my feelings. I knew it may have been childish, but I refused to leave my room until Dorian was brought back.

Now I was thirty-two, but as I tiptoed down the hall to where my love was being held captive, I felt sixteen again. I approached the door, my knees shaking and palms sweating, knowing that Dorian was sitting behind it. I just prayed that he would still feel the same. Quietly, I pulled the key out of my cloak pocket and slid it into the lock, turning it. I gently pushed the door open, the creak of the hinges seeming deafening in the silence of the sleeping castle.

"Dorian?" I whispered into the darkness. A ray of moonlight slanted into the room through the small window, illuminating the edge of his face. He had aged, and held the signs of grief and many adventures in the small lines that were forming around his eyes. He turned to face me, the darkness completely eveloping his face.

"Who's there?" he asked, his voice quiet but commanding.

"Amy," I replied. I took a small torch off the wall and lit it, bringing light into the small room.

Dorian quickly stood up, his dark eyes lighting up as he began to approach me. He stopped though, not of his own will but because of the chains shackled to his ankles. "I can't come any closer," he said, so I made the move that brought us closer together. "You look even more beautiful than before," Dorian whispered as he took my hand.

I blushed and looked up in his eyes, searching for that look of pure love that they used to contain. I could not find it. "Why are you here?" I asked, trying not to sound disappointed. Suddenly I felt concious of the age beginning to show around my eyes, and the sadness that they were sure to be holding as I stood there before the man who held my heart.

Dorian looked down at the ground and shifted uneasily. "I was sent to negotiate with your parents, by my father."

"Negotiate what?"

"The betrothal of you to my brother, Derek." There was an awkward silence as I took in what he said. "Unfortunately, I got into a fight with one of the gaurds in the hall near the room I was supposed to be staying in and so your father had me thrown in here for the night." He half smiled as he said this. "How have you been, Amy?"

I shrugged my shoulders. "Fine, I suppose. And you, Dorian?"

He grinned and responded, "I've been fantastic. I have a wife at home, and four beautiful children."

I smiled, knowing that it must look as fake as it felt, but there was nothing I could do about it. "That's great, Dorian."

"Seeing me so happy made my father want the same for Derek, whose wife died a few years ago. Originally he did not want either of us marrying into your family, but now there is a great chance for an alliance. When he heard that you were unwed he decided that you would be a great match for him." Another awkward silence followed this, which was ended by Dorian asking, "So you never married?"

I shook my head no. "I should be getting back to my room now before someone notices that I am missing. It was nice seeing you again Dorian."

"You too Amy," he said, squeezing my hand. I left, locking the door behind me, and made my way back to my room.

Once there, I truly did feel as though I were sixteen again. I flung myself on my bed and cried, this time because I felt so foolish. How could I have been pining for a man all these years, only to finally see him agaain and discover that he is happily wed?

The next day, I accepted my fate which was to be married to Derek. It would be an unhappy marriage, but I knew that I would never be happy again without Dorian. It would be better to be unhappy with Derek doing my parents a favour by uniting the two families, than unhappy and sitting at home as a useless spinster. Depression was the main emotion I felt for the remainder of my life, which was not long. When they say you can die of a broken heart, they are not lying.

I wrote this on a whim after watching a vaguely depressing video. I'm really sorry for any spelling mistakes; I don't have a spell checker for some reason.