The Most Romantic Poem In the World

(written as a response to all those over the top mushy poems)

The Guy: Your eyes - the ones in the middle of you face -
They shine like...well...
Two eyes, yes two, in the middle of your face.

And your hair, so long and lovely,
Hangs down from your scalp,
And in the light looks long and...uh...really lovely.

The Girl: Your toned and muscular body
- not at all like the muscles you find in the ocean -
Is pretty nice for a toned and muscular body.

And your humour that I find so funny/humorous...
When you make me start laughing,
I find that I still find your humour funny/humorous.

The Narrator: And so, hand-in-calloused-hand, they walked off into the blinding horizon.
And a piece of toilet paper clung to the sole of her left shoe.
And in his pocket were crumbs from his burnt lunch.
And when an angry goat chased them, it was nothing new.