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Chapter 4: Closure

I awoke with my eyes closed, a bitter taste in my mouth like a lemon rind soaked in vinegar. I opened my eyes and found myself in one of the short-term infirmaries. Aaron was sitting on the other side of the room, staring out the window, tapping his fingers impatiently. I groaned a little and he looked over at me. "It's about time you woke up," he said with a very rude tone. I looked at him, though, and his expression told me that he had been worried.

I gave a small smile and replied, "Yeah, well blame the doctors."

"I'm up against Troy in about ten minutes. The cat's not fighting anybody this round. He said with a flat, unexcited tone. I stood up from the bed, but immediately collapsed. Somehow, Aaron managed to get there in time and caught me. I blushed, but hoped that if he even noticed at all, he thought it was from the embarrassment.

He helped support me and walked me out to the stands. He sat me down and he walked away. As soon as he left, the lady Flora came and ssat by me. "Ou two dating or something?" she asked bluntly.

I blushed furiously and yelled, "No, no, HELL NO! We're, like, best friends!"

"Sorry," she said, not sounding sorry in the least. After a moment's silence she said with a small smile, "You wish you were?"

"Why are you asking? Why do you want to know? STOP BEING SO DAMN NOSY! I DON'T EVEN KNOW YOU!" I yelled. I got up angrily, but fell down to my stomach immediately. "The whole 'stomping off angrily' thing works much better with working legs" I muttered with a sigh.

Flora gave a small chuckle and helped me back to my seat with a smug smirk. We watched as Aaron walked out into the open and shook hands with Tory. He shot me a glance and I gave him a small smile. "Good luck," I muttered, more to myself than anything. A small smile told me he heard.

"Okay. Round three, semifinals. Immediate second states allowed. No third states. Potions and non-guardian items are strictly prohibited. On your marks, get set GO!" the announcer yelled.

Troy was in second state faster than anyone could see. Aaron had an advantage because he had seen Troy's second state already, but Troy hadn't seen his. Aaron pulled the ring from his hair and put it on his right ring finger. He turned it so that the diamond faced down. He held out his arm, his left hand in the middle of his forearm. He called, "Second State or Release: Silverstorm Reaver," As he made a long sweeping motion through the air with his hand. As it passed through the air, the ring left a line of silver light. His arm stopped moving, and he grabbed it.

There was a small explosion of silver dust and the line solidified into a thin sword only about an inch wide on the broad side and about three and a half feet long. Aaron waved the sword around a little as if to test it out, then held it in a kind of fighter's stance.

Troy jumped into the air and extended the sword of flames straight at Aaron. Aaron made a quick slashing motion through the air. The tip of the sword created a curved line of silver light much as the ring had, only thicker and much faster. When the arc was finished, which didn't take long, it launched off. The arc collided with the extending flames, parting them and causing them to fly off in two directions, one straight into the sky and the other straight into the ground. Troy quickly used his magic to drop, but as the arc flew by, the tip of one end passed over the top of his shoulder. It tore a slit in his muscle shirt, sending shreds of the hideous green fabric flying along with a few drops of blood where the arc-blade had left a small gash in his shoulder.

Troy: Come on, it's not that ugly.

Aaron: Watch what you're saying Amy. His shirt is almost the same color as my hair!

Sydney: Yeah, watch it.

Amy: Butt out Sydney, you're not even in the story yet!

Sydney: So wha- (has mouth covered by Flora's hand)

Aaron made another slash with the sword and fired another arc. Troy dodged this completely, but was pelted by pebbles as the flying blade caused a small explosion upon collision with the ground. Troy extended the blade forward. Not having time to fire another arc, Aaron threw the sword at the oncoming blade. There was a whooshing noise as the sword vanished and a massive gust of wind blew at Troy, originating from a point about a foot and a half in front of Aaron. The wind extinguished Troy's sword and pushed him against the wall of the arena.

The gust stopped and the sword reformed in Aaron's hand. He made a flurry of slash in the air and about twenty arcs fired off at Troy, not even giving him time to move. Unfortunately, Aaron didn't seem to have perfected the art of accuracy, as the most he did was cut up Troy's arms a little and destroy a rather large section of wall.

Troy's sword immediately burst back into existence. He jumped to the sky and made a vertical sweeping motion with his left arm in front of the fire-blade. The flames vanished as his arm passed them, and created a massive cloud of blurred air. "He dissipated all of the head from the sword into the air," Flora explained to me, obviously seeing that I was confused. I realized she was right as the cloud spiraled around Troy's body, causing his hair and clothes to whip about at his body to remain suspended in midair. He dropped to the ground as the cloud left him. It shot quickly through the air like a barely visible serpent. It spun around Aaron in an up and down spiral. Even through the distortion caused by the hot air, I could hear Aaron screaming as the hot air scalded him

I could also hear Troy's maniacal laughter. I felt a single tear drip down my face, which, for some reason, Flora felt the need to chuckle at. Yes, I know it's pitiful; you don't have to rub it in.

There was a war cry-like yell and a stream of silver arcs pressed towards Troy. He jumped, only to be met by more arc-blades. Although he dodged most of them, one caused his hand and took a few fingers with it. I gasped. I had never seen Aaron fight so brutally (then again, I'd never seen him scalded by a cloud of hot air before). Troy called out in pain, clenching his wrist. Aaron took advantage of this opportunity and dove forward, landing a clean abdominal slash on Troy. With one last cry, Aaron stabbed him through the chest.

With his left hand, Aaron pulled the ring off and the sword vanished with a poof of shimmering silver mist. Troy crumpled to the ground as Aaron walked out, not even taking the time to get a healing potion.

I got to my feet and stumbled off to congratulate him. I caught sight of him and ran towa4rds him as fast as my weakened legs could, which was pretty fast. Unfortunately, I couldn't really stop and what was supposed to be a hug turning into a high-speed tackle. I hit him and we rolled about twenty feet. "Congrats," I chuckled.

"Ow, ow, burns" He said, halfway between groaning and laughing.

"Here," said Flora, who seemed to appear out of nowhere, as she gently tossed a glass vial of a green liquid to him. He drank it quickly and I watched as the bright redness and the blisters of his burns faded right before my eyes. "Now get up, we have to leave," She said seriously.

"What are you talking about?" Aaron asked.

"You're only remaining foe is Leo. He'll kill you. Resurrection and healing potion don't work very well on demonic wounds. Your parents are probably already dead, and your homes destroyed. I gotta' go get Troy," she said, but left before he could ask more questions.

She came back, dragging Troy along by a metal cable. His fingers were reattached. He stared at Aaron for a moment before letting out a small chuckle and giving him a small smile and a nod. "Touching, now let's go," Flora said, pushing them along.

"Where are we going?" I asked.

"Away, before we're all killed," she mumbled as she walked, pulling Troy along.

"What about our stuff, or families?" I asked.

"I already told you, they've already all been killed," she said coldly.

"What? How?" Troy asked, sounding uncharacteristically vulnerable.

"You want proof? Follow me," she said grumpily, running off. Aaron and I glanced at each other and followed after her. We were headed in the direction of our houses. When we got there, there was a shocked silence. The houses were nothing more than smoldering, smoking piles of rubble. There was one charred wall still standing between our houses. The bodies of our parents were gruesomely pinned up with swords, with the words "You're next Keepers" written in blood above them.

Tears streamed down my face. I could tell that they were coming to Aaron's eyes too, but he was much too proud to cry. He suddenly whipped around and pointed at Flora. "You!" he yelled at her in a hostile fashion as he pulled the ring from his hair.

He took a step towards her and she drew back. "Aaron," I muttered quietly, grabbing his wrist. He turned at me with a snarl on his face. I almost unnoticeably shook my head no at him and the look of fury was replaced with a look of anguish. I silently took a step towards him and wrapped my arms around him. He stood for a moment, but then all the tension left and he returned the hug. I'm not sure how long we stood there, each shaking with our own silent sobs, but eventually I broke off. "Come on Aaron, we have to leave. If what Flora says is true, we have no reason to stay here anymore except to die," I said softly and gently

He gave a small nod and turned to look at Flora. She gave a small, sympathetic look and said in a quiet voice, "C'mon, I already got necessary supplies, as well as a backpack's worth of your things from the Abbey." And with that, she handed us each a backpack, and we walked off.

I hoped you liked it. I know, just a bit of a tear jerker, but I hadn't put enough angst in XD (Just kidding).