Kirsty had finished work and was helping lock up with Mandy when she heard the familiar roar of Matt's motorbike. She was a little surprised, she had not expected him to turn up, he had not mentioned coming to pick her up after work when she had talked to him earlier on the phone.

He brought the bike to a halt beside the kerb outside the shop, and she went over to him, giving him a brief kiss in greeting when he removed his helmet.

"What are you doing here?" she then asked

"Thought you might like to go for a bike ride," Matt replied smiling.

"Hmm and it's not even Sunday," Kirsty remarked referring to the fact that it was more or less a tradition with them to take themselves of on the motorbike on a Sunday exploring various places around England and enjoying a pub lunch. Their way of unwinding and relaxing on their day of work

"True, but you could just humour me all the same," Matt said.

"What are you up to Matt Crawford?" Kirsty then demanded suspiciously, as she recognised a certain look in his blue eyes, that told her this was not some casual offer

"Just get in the back of the bike and you will find out," he replied evasively

Kirsty sighed, and realised she would have to go along with him, a little intrigued at the same time, wondering what he had planned.

So she got the spare helmet out of the back of the bike and strapped it on over her head getting onto the bike behind him, wrapping her arms around his waist with comfortable familiarity.

She was a little surprised when they reached their destination, as it was somewhere they had come before, beside the docks, almost the same spot he had taken brought her when he had confessed he was interested in her, and they had shared their first Kiss.

It seemed like a long time ago, and so much had happened between then, but Kirsty realised it was actually about nine months, and amazingly she and Matt were still going strong, but why had he brought her here tonight?

"Remember the first time I brought you here, I told you the sun setting in the sky was a perfect romantic setting," Matt said as he slid his arm around her waist and led her towards the walkway

"Yeah," Kirsty replied warily, uncertain why it should matter

"Well we missed out on it the last time, but tonight I think you will agree with me how lovely it is" Matt then said, then indicated with a nod of his head to the view in front of them where the sky was alight with a deep red hue and gold clouds as the sun sank down just below the horizon

Kirsty dutifully took in the panorama in front of her, and found she had to agree with Matt, it was beautiful to look at.

"I wanted to make sure we got to see it this time around so I could share it with you" Matt smiled as they leaned against the wall, his arm still around her. "I like sharing beautiful things with you"

Kirsty thought she should be used to Matt's quirky but sincere little endearments now, but somehow they still made her heart go all fluttery, and she still was in awe that he wanted to share them with her, it was moments like this she wanted to pinch herself to check it was for real and not just a dream.

"I like sharing beautiful things with you too," she replied, "I don't think I will ever grow tired of it," she rested her head against his arm.

"I am glad to hear that," Matt replied, "There is another reason why I brought you here tonight, because I wanted this romantic setting to make it perfect and memorable as the first time we kissed her, to also ask you if you will make it a more permanent arrangement, and maybe agree to marry me" He finished with a smile and pulled out a small gold and black box from his jacket pocket, and presented it to her.

Kirsty stared at the box, speechless at first then she gave a shaky little laugh as his proposal finally sank into her brain, then she realised she was crying

"Oh Matt," she finally said unevenly suddenly feeling overwhelmed by her emotions, she had often wondered how he would finally propose to her when the time came, and as usual he had done it in a way that made it feel unbelievably special

"It's not too soon is it?" Matt then asked anxiously, "I mean I would have probably asked you after the first month, but I didn't want you thinking I was rushing you, so I have waited till now, its almost been a year, and I just know I want to spend the rest of my life with you, that's if you will have me"

"How could I not," Kirsty exclaimed hurriedly wiping her eyes, "To be honest if you had asked me after the first month I probably would have said yes" she admitted laughing

Matt grinned, "Now you tell me," he released his hold on her so he could open the small box and let her see the ring inside. It was a thin gold band with a solitaire diamond shaped as a heart, with a tiny band of diamonds one either side

"Oh it's beautiful," Kirsty gasped "I love it"

"Matt looked relieved, and now removed it to put the ring on the finger of her left hand, Kirsty realised she was crying again as she looked at it on her finger, not believing how happy she felt.

Matt enfolded her into his arms again "Thank you, you don't know how happy you have made me" he told her quietly.

"Oh I think I have a good idea," Kirsty sniffed, "Because you have made me happy too"

He pulled her away a little so they could kiss. Two figures melded together, as one silhouetted against the magnificence of the red and gold sunset behind them.

And when the kiss finally ended, Kirsty looked up at the sky, then smiling at Matt she had only one word on her mind to sum it all up "Perfect," she sighed


They were married six months later, having reached a compromise over the way the wanted it. Kirsty preferring a small ceremony in a registrars office with only close friends and family.

Matt asked Anthony to stand for him and be his Witness. Kirsty decided to return the favour and ask her cousin Alannah to stand for her, which she was only too delighted to do. Although the ceremony was short, it didn't stop Alannah crying the whole way through it, But then she had to be excused, as she tended to be over emotional lately, now that she was three months pregnant with her first child.

Kirsty had relented the reception could be a much grander affair, which Anthony proudly overseen and took care of, so that their wider group of friends and acquaintances could celebrate the special day

Kirsty was impressed with the wedding Cake Anthony had presented to them as a surprise wedding gift, as it was in the shape of two doves. He informed them that Lisa had made it especially for them.

But happily there was one thing the couple did manage to agree on about the wedding, and that was Paris would be the perfect setting for their honeymoon.