1. Tell my manager to sit in the corner when he's bothering me
2. Give mean customers who asked for decaf regular coffee and hope they have a heart condition and die
3. Threaten the eat a customers child
4. Threaten to eat a child
5. Beat a middle schooler to death with his skateboard
6. Stick fingers in my mouth
7. As customers if they want whip cream on me (instead of 'would you like whip cream on that' at the end of an order)
8. Take Danny's manbooties
9. Climb over the counter
10. Label the chairs
11. Label the bathroom
12. Label the walls with arrows that form a circle and amuse myself with customers confusion
13. Pretend to have an orgasm while at register
14. Have an orgasm at work
15. Tease boys by tucking my shirt in all sexy so they tip me personally
16. Dance to the music in the store
17. Scream and drop to my knees with my hands over my ears when the random all squirrel voiced song comes on (No one knows where the hell it came from)
18. Be stoned
19. Or drunk
20. Or horny
21. When asked where the bathroom is the correct answer is not "in my pants"
22. When a person asks me for a bathroom key it is not appropriate to hand them a random key and then laugh in their face when they walk to the door and see that there's no key hole
23. Shout slander from the back room
24. Play with the price labeler
25. Touch the price labeler
26. Get a latter and climb up to the top shelf where they put the price labeler because I wouldn't stop plaything with it
27. Hide the toys that the kids leave in the store in drawers to be played with at a later date
28. My name is not 'Lick me'
29. Nor 'Touch me'
30. Nor 'The queen of Freaks'
31. Call customers daddy for my own amusement is not appropriate
32. Challeng customers to a dance off is not allowed
33. Same for coworkers
34. Yell at inanimate objects for disregarding my authority