I love you and I don't wanna

Miss a single day

So why did I chose to go so

Far away

When my life could

Be there by your side?

Tell me why.

Tell me why

Did I push you away,

When I really wanted

Was for you to stay?

Now I'm haunted by the

Choices I have made

Wishing I could change them

But there is no way.

Tell me why.

There's so much I've done wrong

I wish I could make it right

I wish I was with you tonight

To see you, touch you

Feel you near

But I'm still gone

And you're not here.

Tell me why.

I'm the one who left,

And I'm still gone.

I was insane to leave

But the plane won't bring me back

For a while.

I don't know why you wait,

Or even bother to trust me.

Tell me why.


A/N: Please, tell me what you think. I added the last part because I didn´t like the way it was, but I´m not sure what I think of it all together.