Hey! This poem I acutally wrote up a few weeks ago, so it's still fresh:) ahaha I wanted to post this poem to celebrate my 18th birthday! (finally its here!) Remember to review and enjoy:

Watching him as I walk to school
Get out of the car and stand there still,
And when he smiles at me with those crystals eyes
I've always wondered about the reason why
He looks at the ground when I wave 'hi',
Is it because you are just too shy?

But I can't help but to be confused even more
Because it is not like you to be afraid,
You're the most confident person I know
Even when you're on stage you put on a show.

When you cross the busy road
You greet me with a hug and say hello,
But the best part of all
Is not the feeling of your embrace,
It's when you tell me
'You made my day.'