Should we allow teachers to have concealed weaponry?

The Second Amendment of America's Bill of Rights states, "…the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed." Back in September many news articles reported a trial on teacher's right to bear arms in their workplace. Should we allow teachers to have hidden firearms on school campuses?

Shirley Katz, a high school English teacher at Medford School District in Oregon, challenged her school district's decision to forbid concealed weaponry on campus in September. Unfortunately, on November 11, Circuit Court Judge Philip Arnold sided with the school district. This should anger Americans.

One of Katz's arguments was simply for her personal life. She has a permit for a concealed weapon to protect herself (and if she were allowed, her students) from her ex-husband. Is it right for the court system to deny her of an essential freedom when she, before the case even started, went through the necessary legal procedures to be able to exercise her Second Amendment right?

Katz had another valid concern. What is to happen if an event similar to Columbine were to occur? If teachers were able to carry concealed weapons, the chance of such an event would be less likely to occur. Even if such an event were to occur, at least that way the teachers would be able to defend their students and their own selves.

A concern expressed from the opposing side mentioned safety. What is to happen if a teacher brings a concealed weapon onto the campus and the teacher becomes the one to createthe school shooting? Maybe that view was only expressed by ignorant teens but nonetheless, it is worthy of addressing. In order for one to carry a concealed weapon legally, there is a whole process needing completion. One cannot have been diagnosed with any mental illnesses in the past or present nor can they have any bad marks shown from their background check. That is just the beginning, though. To be able to get a teaching position to start, one needs a background check. When the legal procedures are completed proving the citizen innocent, should we not let them exercise their freedom in their workplace?

The government has plenty of laws in place to make sure that guns are used safely if used legally. The Bill of Rights gives teachers, just as it does any other citizen, the right to bear arms. This should go inside and outside of the school campus. Remember, making this a legal act cannot hurt our society. If the citizens do not follow the rules that we set in place, they will suffer the consequences but that minority of people cannot take away the rest of the people's rights. We should allow teachers to bear concealed weaponry in their place of work.