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Chapter 1: A Mate Is Chosen

Corlin sat near the window, looking out over the garden. He heard a sound coming from the garden. He twitches his ears and listens closely. It's Rose and she's singing. He glances down and listens to her sing while she tends to garden.

We must take her before she finds another.

No. I will not take her unless she is willing.

We must before she finds another.


His wolf half growled. She is mate. Mate is ours.

She is a human. Humans do not claim mates by force.

She is ours.

No, she is not.

She is mate.


We must take her now!


We must.




Roses' voice rang out loud and clear, beautiful and alluring.

Must, they said together.

Rose stood and looked over the garden. The flowers were starting to bloom and releasing their fragrance. She breathed in deep and smiled. The air was filled with the smell of spring.

She turned and head back towards the castle. She hummed a lullaby her mother had taught her, while she walked.

I wonder who Lord Corlin will take as a mate, Rose thought as she looked towards the ceiling. It's not like he's going to take one of us hu-

"Uh" Rose stumbled backwards. She looked up and froze; eyes wide and full of panic. Two narrow ruby eyes stared down at her. "Lord Corlin!" She bowed quickly. "Forgive me, I wasn't watching were I was going."

A long and graceful hand reached under her chin and lifted her bowing body. Their eyes locked. He looked over her face, down her neck and to her belly. With a small gasp, he pulled back his hand. Silent footsteps glided past her. The hem of his robes brushed up against her leg. "Come to my chambers after sunset."

Tiny shivers ran up her spine at the sound of his voice. She followed him with her eyes.

Out of all the female demons and humans, you had to choose her, Corlin thought to his other half, heading towards his chambers.

Mate, replied Corlins' other half, longing to be by her side.