"Yes, mother, you and father will know of my decision tonight."

Queen Atrea Firecoat, reigning ruler of the Northern Lands stared at her son and only heir to the throne. "Will we approve of your decision? You have not shown interest in a female demoness in a very long time."

Lord Aldolan Firefang shifted his eyes away from his mother glare. "Approve, or disapprove, I will decide tonight."

Queen Atrea watched her son as he turned his back to her, his long flowing silver hair catching the breeze from the open window. Like her, his eyes were red with black slits, a sure sign of his lineage, but unlike her, that was the only thing he inherited from her; or from his father, King Malodan Silverfang.

"We await your decision, my son." His mother stated flatly. It was the most respectful tone she could muster at her son's arrogance.

Lord Aldolan waited for his mother to leave before moving over to the benched windowsill and collasping onto it. His room faced the gardens behind the palace. The sun was approaching the mountain tops in the west, casting long shadows over the lands.

Laughter carried on the wind brought a slow curl to his lips. Rosella Corinna, a servant maid of the palace was taking her nightly walk through the gardens on her way back to the palace. Unlike most of the other maids, she had a room in the palace itself instead of the servants quarters on the other side of the gardens.

Aldolan leaned his back against the window, listening to the gentle humming she sang to herself as she walked through the gardens, tending to a bush or flower the other servants had yet to discover needed tending. He could always find her near the forest or pesting Priestess Kai and her little sister Xephora about some new potion she wanted to try when she was done with her daily duties.

The air shimmered in front of Aldolan, revealing a very large, silver wolf laying down at his feet. The same red eyes stared out of the window at Rosella.

'We must take her before she finds another.' the wolf's mouth opened slightly, flashing it's white teeth and fire colored canine fangs.

"No. I will not take her unless she is willing." His voice was quiet and calm and he was careful not to speak too loudly. Aldolan looked out the window, seeing what his wolf saw.

Rosella knelt down beside a rose bush, her favorite flower, and lightly stroked one of the flowers petals. Her rose red hair made the rose bush flowers jealous as the wind played with it.

'We must before she finds another.'


The mental image of his inner wolf turned it's head towards him and bared it's fangs, growling deep in it's throat. 'She is mate. Mate is ours.'

"She is a human. Humans do not claim mates by force." He glanced at the mental image of his wolf, ignoring the threatening tone it was using.

'She is ours!' the wolf stood, keeping it's head lowered to stare Aldolan in the eyes.

"No, she is not."

'She is mate!'


'We must take her now!' the wolf stomped it's paw at him and growling louder.

"No." It was an empty threat. Attacking him meant another long battle it would lose again.

'We must.'


'Must.' the wolf pleaded.


A sudden gust of wind carried not only Rosella's bright and joyful laughter, but her alluring scent as well.

"Must," they said together. The wolf smiled, turning away and shimmering back into thin air as it left.