"Sometimes in life, you get lucky.

You're walking down the sidewalk and BAM---you crash headfirst into your soul mate. And as sure as the new bruises on your forehead, you know exactly what you've found.

Those are the smart ones---the ones that give it everything they've got without even having to try and last over lifetimes.

Then there's hearts like mine.

The ones that stumble over every crack in the street, never seeming to get it right, or thinking that we did, just to realize that was we thought was true love was really just a freak accident of time, lust, and a lot of wishful thinking. My dad used to say that that's how he was before he met my mom---mom would just laugh and say that I was trying too hard.

Then I met her.


She was a dancer from out of town, here for a few months, and she never told me her real name.

But I fell in love.

We spent our days in silence, walking through little shops holding hands. People would stop and stare (two girls together was a rare sight in my small town) but she'd just smile and wave them the finger with a flick of her head, blonde hair shining.

She was bold like that.

But it was nighttime when she came alive.

We'd drive three or four hours to the next town until we found a club and she'd dance the way she did at home under the black lights.

The guys loved her no matter where we went, but before every set she'd press her finger to my lips, whispering:

"I'm dancing for you, Charlie.."

It never bothered me, the way they looked at her---I knew she was mine.

Then the summer ended.

She came to our stoplight with excuses of having to leave, it was her, not me, all bullshit to ease my pain, though she knew it wouldn't.

(couldn't blame her for trying, I guess).

"You'll be fine without me, Charlie."

She was gone, just like that.

And things for everyone else went back to normal. People still look at me strangely from time to time, but no one mentions her name anymore. I can honestly say I'm the only one that misses her and the chaos that followed.

And so I went back to how I was (sort of..)--just me, tripping over cracks in the street, just waiting to crash into her again."

A.N.: not really sure where this came from..just poured out of me, I guess...