I've written you one thousand love songs

None of which you'll ever see

I've sold my soul for you ten hundred times

Not that you could ever tell

I've sat with you and held your hand

Listened to you, wiped your tears away

Heard every mistake that she ever made

And I was always the girl that saved your friendship

But nothing more, I'm never anything more

Then just the goddamn girl next door


I think your name is scrawled upon my heart

Because I can't just seem to let you go

Although our conversations hurt me

I keep on smiling, because I'd rather die

Than ever hurt you like she does

I'll hold back sobs, deny that's something wrong

And retain my place, my rightful role

As your favourite goddamn girl next door


Answering my phone in the middle of the night

I hear your fragmented voice on the other side

That it's over, all over

But you want me to fix it, again.

Swallowing my pride, I whisper in agreement

Playing the part of the goddamn girl next door


It seems like you can't see my other side

Or maybe you don't want to

Could that be a possibility?

That you prefer me as the goddamn girl next door?


I see you together, and you're oh so happy

And the goddamn girl next door is bleeding out.