Jess Burgh

Writing Workshop

Prof. Lisa Williams

September 21, 2007

Cars of every make and model with either New York, New Jersey, or Pennsylvania license plates all began parking in the street in front of our white townhouse. As people left their warm cars they were all greeted by a cold November wind. The sun was hidden behind light gray clouds while the people began walking up the blacktop driveway. Women's heels clacked 'click, clack, click, and clack' as they walked along the pathway leading to the house.

Elsewhere I had just come out of my bedroom. I changed into a pair of blue jeans and my 'My Chemical Romance' sweatshirt along with the black ribbon pinned on the left by my heart. It was more comfortable versus the all black outfit plus a pair of uncomfortable matching heels. When I came downstairs, I noticed everyone had arrived. They were all still dressed in what I had seen them in only two hours ago.

"Everyone there's food on the kitchen table, drinks and cups on the counter, please help yourselves." Mom began stepping out from the entrance to the kitchen connected to the dinning and living room. There were about one hundred people, most friends and family. They were sitting throughout the small room. Many of the small vases, silk plants, and statues were moved off the glass top coffee table, which stood on top of a light purple rug. Sunlight came in through two stained glass pieces covering parts of the windows- separated by the fireplace.

Soon a line formed in the foyer, near the brown carpeted stairs leading upstairs and another glass top table. The line went into the kitchen, where trays of deli food; ordered in from Fred and Murray's by friends of the family.

"Jess what are you getting?" my cousin Joyce asked coming up behind me

"I'm not sure yet." I replied with a grin

"We're eating in your room right?"

"Later, right now I want to stay down here."

While I circled the white oval shaped table, filling my plate I looked up to see my dad talking with his sister (my aunt) Kay. He stands 5"3, skinny, narrow face, a gray mustache, dark brown hair, and hazel eyes. He smiles and I just stick my tongue out. I laugh because that's how I show my affection toward him. Soon I look down at the plate and see it's filled. I slowly make my way out of the kitchen, to join my mom in the living room sitting on a folding chair near the fireplace on the other side of my aunt Kay.

"Where did dad disappear to?" I asked

"He's around." Mom replied

I shook it off and began eating, while listening to other people's conversations. About an hour later some family from New York left and the house started to become a little less crowded. I went back into the kitchen to get something to drink and I saw my dad fixing himself another plate.

"Where does it all go?" I asked; "You seriously have a bottomless pit of a stomach."

"I don't know, but it's a change from all the hospital food." He replied

"That's true, but it wasn't that bad. You had whatever you wanted."

He nodded and went back into the dinning room and sat down with our cousins Claire and her daughter Alison. I shook my head, but then adjusted the ripped black ribbon pinned to my sweatshirt. Then I went back into the living room and sat down on the off white couch and got lost in conversation with Joyce.

"Jess… Jess…Jessica?" my dad's voice echoed in my ears.

I talked with Joyce and then hugged her tightly. Mom was in the kitchen cleaning up with some help from our friends. We lost dad two years ago, after a four year battle with colon cancer. He's still the first person I think about when I get up and when I go to bed. I sometimes found myself this summer wondering around the house, still seeing parts of him.

There were a couple of times he would rearrange something in the living room. Most people that we'd invite back to the house asked "Okay, what has he changed now?" Since he passed away, mom and I left it exactly how he had it even though the house is a lot quieter; he missed a really good party.