beneath you I longingly waited
to catch every tear that fell from your eyes…
but you only walked away from me,
the moment your eyes dripped…

the tears fell down harder and harder,
inch by inch and tear by tear
water engulfed you…

knocked over was I by your wake,
while you were drowning alone
swimming, trying to catch you
hun, your drifting so far away…

your off in the distance, I see you
still giving your everything for survival
don't you know we weren't meant to be alone?

you're feet away and I'll come to you
eventually I'll get to you, catch up to you
reach out your hand, hun come to me
it's time for us to go home.

you know that I am waiting for you
watching you with all that I am
when you're ready, hand in hand we'll go home

(if you'll let me in)

we'll get through this