A/N: This may offend some who are extremely religious. I have friends who are Christian, and I wanted to note that this poem isn't meant to be disrespectful or spiteful; it's simply how I feel. I'm sad today.


Jesus had a 'love me' complex
and Judas was a jealous bitch.

these things we do,
the blood that falls on
broken earth
from unclean hands
so like our own...

stained by time
and heavy hearts
and empty spaces there.

and all the things we want
and think we need;
the love of generations,
someone else's life;
they all turn bitter
on our tongues
as misused words
full of regret and
lashing out.

it's a sad place to be,
dancing with imaginary people
that we pretend aren't flawed.
casting stones at ourselves
for sins that can't be undone
and only serve to make us
who we are.

maybe even better.