The anime continued to play, but neither one of us was really paying attention to it. I'd seen it before at least five times. I was actually more interested in him at the moment.

About a half hour ago he'd started yawning. His eyes grew heavy and he leaned back against the sofa. I smiled.


He nodded. His eyes glanced my way. "Do you mind if I sleep a bit?"

I shrugged. "Be my guest. There's probably another three hours of Nana left on this disc anyhow. I can entertain myself."

I was quite surprised when he snuggled up next to me though. "Do you mind?"

I really didn't. His head finally came to rest on the throw pillow that was sitting on my lap and there he lay. After a few moments, his breathing evened out and I knew he was asleep. I used that time to study him.

His features were softened considerably and he looked very delicate. Locks of curly red hair fell across his face, lifting slightly when he exhaled. It was terribly cute, and I couldn't resist the urge to gently touch his cheek.

He didn't stir, so I grew a bit more bold, running my fingers through his hair. I untangled a lock from the rest and twirled my finger around the curls. It was such a lovely shade of red, prettier than my own.

Tomorrow was my last day here in Montreal. I had to admit I was going to miss the city. It was such a lively, interesting place. But most of all, I was going to miss him. I didn't expect to like him so much. I didn't expect us to get along so well.

But the whole time I was here had been so much fun. We did some crazy things, like visiting every single coffee shop downtown, acting out anime scenes inside shopping malls, and trying on wedding dresses. Both of us.

I didn't feel awkward and really shy around him, as I usually do with people I first meet. We'd clicked instantly and it felt amazing.

But tomorrow, it was all going to end. The spell would break, the dream would come to a close, and the illusion would dissipate. Reality would sink in again and I'd have to return to my life.

The world really is a beautiful illusion...when you close your eyes.