As the tears fall to the ground
She looks to see if anyone's around.
Feeling satisfied, she sits on the bench
And watches her fist slowly unclench
As all the walls seem to fade away
While the Earth says farewell to the day.

Voicing her sadness through her sobs
She doesn't notice her heart begin to throb.
Suddenly, looking up, determination is reborn.
Lost is the expressions of sadness that had adorned
Her face for countless days, countless nights.
In her life, she no longer feels contrite.

All things can be fixed if one puts in the time.
All sins can be atoned for, repented is the crime.
"I can do this. I can live and love once more."
What else did they give us a short life for?
Forgiving, living, experiencing, testing.
Boundaries upon boundaries for breaking.

Standing and wiping the tears away,
Squaring her shoulders to prepare for the day,
Renewing the strength in both limb and soul.
Keeping herself alive for one secret goal.
Never telling anyone of this intended conquest.
Never, against herself, will she transgress.

Jumping back into the mainstream of life,
She is willing to forget her past strife.
Putting the gloves back on, she's willing to fight once more.
Knocking every problem and opponent to the cold, hard floor.
Nothing will stop her on her way to glory, to the finish line.
After this epiphany, she realizes, in life, she will be fine.