I have work to do, but too many things are on my mind... I have to travel the world, meet new people, experience this wonderful thing called life. I have to find my Prince Charming, I have to help the people that really need it, and find what will make joy bubble from the depths of my heart.

I have to find out who I really am.

The world is waiting for me, calling for me.
And I'm so tired of pretending I can't hear it.

It holds the secret of who I am.

But, as much as I search for it, I will never find it on my own. It will find me on a warm spring morning as I wake up to the sun and the smell of salt from the Mediterranean. Or a place where I can breathe a different air. Maybe spices and heat await my senses. Or the scent of rain on cobblestone.

Right now, though, I am sixteen. Sixteen and anticipating. Right now, I will absorb this place, these people, this life and paint my world with the colours they give me. Right now, my young mind will wrap itself around the concepts of Physics and the rhythm of Spanish and the thought of independence.

My Mecca awaits me.

Perhaps I will find it in the fall, with the changing trees blurring outside my window and a mellow song on the radio to accompany me.

My life is calling for me.

And I'm ready to join it.