by, Cassandra

Do you remember dancing in the rain on a hot summer day? Do you remember spreading your wings just to feel the wind on your face? Do you remember letting your colors run outside boundary lines? Do you remember letting your imagination run wild?

Do you?

I don't.

I mean, sure, it's there, in my mind. Imprints left over from another place and time. But I don't remember. I don't feel it. I don't own it. I don't remember what it's like. So much wasted time.

Imagination grows along with you. It gets refined and defined, and molded to fit your new outlook on life. But as it's manipulated, it looses one vital thing... innocence.

You can't have an innocent outlook on life when you've fallen this many times. The dirt gets stuck in the crevices of the lens, so when you go to focus on how that child is able to light up the word with one smile, you can't help but notice the bruise on her wrist where somebody grabbed her too hard.

Innocence is lost. And not just mine and yours.

Their innocence.

Do you remember asking why the grass was green and the sky was blue? Do you remember making up silly lyrics to songs you didn't know? Do you remember watching your favorite movie for the millionth time? Do you remember what it's like to really smile?

Do you?

I don't.

But they remind me.

She loves dancing around the room wearing her fairy wings and plastic heels. He loves playing basketball with a bug net and footballs. She talks a mile a minute about why Will is better then Captain Jack. He laughs like a maniac when he's tossed up in the air.

That is innocence.

But it's already fading.

Do you remember?

I wish I remembered.

(so much lost time.)