Monster Girl


Sometimes I can almost remember the sweet memories of normal. It was so easy to take everything for granted. I can't believe normal only left my life two months ago, and my biggest worry was the next test coming up. Since those two months, life has been one so insane and everything has been turned upside-down.

Awhile ago I was just your average nerdy school-girl. Nothing was special about me like my looks or intelligence. I was just me. Back then, I sometimes daydreamed about amazing adventures happening to me, and my life wasn't so boring. Too bad I didn't realize that boring was also safe. I bet you're wondering who I am and what could be so horrible about not being normal. Well, I'll explain.

The first day that things changed will always be in my soul. It all started in the last hour of the day, and only 30 minutes were left in the day. Then the announcement came. "Attention all students, there has been an escape from a nearby lab. The escapees are dangerous humanoids. The police should be contacted immediately if seen. Do NOT attempt to approach these creatures. I repeat…" The announcer repeated himself. Whispering broke out through the class. Some where laughing, saying it was all a big prank. Others were asleep and were wondering what was going on. Lastly there were those who were worried. That was the smallest group since who could imagine something like that happening in our small town.

After school ended, the rumors became more and more wild. I will be the first to admit; even I was getting into it. Some people even said they saw the creatures. The creatures were most commonly described people with wings, tails, and horns. Now that I think about it, I would much prefer that then what I now am.

Speaking of what I am now, I guess I never told you. No one really knows; not even people who are like me. All I know is that I have animal and plant DNA inside of me. At first it was just there, and then it started changing me. Everything seemed to of changed: my skin, my hair, my eyes, my nails, my teeth, my voice, etc. They only thing that didn't change was my personality. That is why they — theybeing the people who changed me — are still after me.

The change isn't supposed change your personality, but it does most of the time. When it does, you are released, and that is when the authorities were alerted about the "humanoid creatures." They believed (and were right) that other people would exterminate us. If we did keep our personalities, it was worse. They would experiment more on us to find out what in our DNA made us different. I know it doesn't sound bad, but you have never seen such fear on anyone's face. Never knowing what will happen or knowing if today you will be your last.